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Arc-Darkest-Icons [totally rebuilt]

Full Icon Themes by rtl88
-Shell, and Cinnamon desktop environments. Arc-Darkest also has two varieties of matching Icons
dark blue matching desktop arc linux unix icon-theme
7 .6
Oct 25 2020

Arc-ICONS Complete Icon and Folder Set

Full Icon Themes by rtl88
that sport matching color hues. Special thanks to horst3180 at:
dark arc matching blue arc-dark linux unix icon-theme
9 .0
Oct 16 2020

COBA Three-Flavors-Icons [introducing COBA-Numix-FLAT]

Full Icon Themes by rtl88
Lagoon. These are the matching icons and folders. FOR DESKTOP THEME PRESS LINK DIRECTLY BELOW
linux unix icon-theme dark matching desktop material blue
7 .3
Dec 07 2019