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UltimateMate 20.04 - based on adwaita 3.24.14

GTK3 Themes by blue-dxca93
Now version for 20.04 at the moment gtk and metacity only, icewm and cinnamon will follow. Please comment! Then screenshots will be updated, optically its still the same theme . Roughly based on adwaita 3.24. It does in fact provide a traditional user experience and show interesting code based...
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme adwaita gtk3.24 ubuntumate
7 .1
May 03 2020

Devil-Pluto based ob adawita 3.24.14 for mate and xfce

GTK3 Themes by blue-dxca93
This is my very first theme for xfce, that also runs in mate and possibly other gtk3 based desktops. Add this to your .bashrc: export GTK_OVERLAY_SCROLLING=0 if you want to enjoy the scrollbars....
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 pluto gtk3.24 mate xfce4
7 .0
Apr 20 2020


GTK3 Themes by donarturo
Modified version of [MaxFlat](
gnome gtk3.24 unix linux theme gtk3
6 .0
Apr 04 2020