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Bloom -Deepin Logo Icon

Full Icon Themes by martinmei71
A Fork of the DEEPIN 20 icon theme bloom but e have changed the lauchpad icon to the logo distro
5 .0
Oct 31 2020

Real Time Icontheme for KDE4 and Plasma from Blackysgate

Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
a Iconpack who i had make collages from diffrent pictures .. any Icons who i had make is from pictures were has no watermark, no istock pictures,but oky, i can say it's a child of inet... ;) (If not directly load it if you installed, reload a other theme then load again RealTime- Icons for...
7 .1
Sep 06 2020

Archangel-12 Icon set for all desktops

Full Icon Themes by aravisian
This is the icon set for the Archangel-12 theme UPDATE: Thursday July 30 2020: I added a LOT of new App Icons bringing the total apps icons to about 500. NOTE: Some icons exist In this theme but are not used by the system....
6 .3
Aug 01 2020

Empire Icon Theme - icons only

Full Icon Themes by aravisian
Icon set for the Empire Theme. Icons only. Empire theme available: Added many Apps Icons as well as formatting for Cinnamon- which I did not know about before... Guess what I need to go back and do for all my other icon...
6 .2
Feb 27 2020

Flat No More

Full Icon Themes by m4qu3l4n
Flat No More Icon theme
8 .0
Sep 14 2019

Jaws Xfce icons

Full Icon Themes by stello
Shark folder with jaws as open folder based on UE and Dark Glass theme big window arrows use hipdi Xubuntu 16.04 and Debian 9 Xfce
6 .1
Mar 02 2019


Full Icon Themes by willscreel
v2.0 =================================== Got the Thunar support finalized. v1.1 =================================== Added Thunar support. v1.0 =================================== Goes with Communitheme-Gray.
6 .7
Jun 20 2018

Tumbleweed-Leap Breeze Icons

Full Icon Themes by l4k1
Breeze Icons, in line with the color scheme
5 .0
Jun 13 2018

Simplicity Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by hackan301
This Icon Set is from the beginning composed out of bits and parts of other icon sets which I thought went well hand in hand. A lot has been tweaked, not much is in its original state and I have also made icons from scratch for this theme In order to fill out some gaps. The system...
6 .8
Aug 18 2014