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GTK3 Themes by gnostiphage
The GNOME 3.36 refresh of Adwaita looks fantastic, but I was tired the usual blue, so created 12 color variants I thought I'd share (along with a script I wrote to pull all the files necessary for the GTK2, GTK3, and gnome-shell parts of the theme and modify them appropriately). They're simply...
gtk2 gtk3 linux unix theme dark adwaita-dark gnome gnome-shell
Score 80.8%
Mar 30 2020

Adwaita Dark Green

GTK3 Themes by IBBoard
Adwaita Dark Green is based on Adwaita but with a darker colour set (inspired by Mediterranean Night Dark*) and dark menu bars. I find Adwaita too bright, and the Mediterranean series didn't keep up with GTK3's progress, so I made my own version. I used Adwaita as a base as it made...
linux gtk3 adwaita adwaita-dark gnome unix theme
Score 76.7%
Oct 13 2019