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All you Bluecurve X cursor theme fans, this is what you've ALL been waiting for! I've taken Red Hat's standard mouse themes from Fedora 4 and Fedora 6 and added all the KDE symlinks you should need to fully use these on your KDE desktop. Of course it also works with GNOME, XFCE, or any other desktop/wm you'd want to use. And of course you can use these on any distro.

Unlike all other packages of this theme, this one includes 4 versions: classic, inverted classic, current, and inverted current. The classic themes use the hourglass while the current ones use the dot running around the pointer throbber thing. (there are also a few minor changes between the two but I have kept them both as they were for the most part except that I've filled in the missing drag-and-drop cursors in the classic (FC4) themes).

These cursors were made by Red Hat, Inc, not me, but were licensed under the GPL according to the package docs, so I should be safe in distributing these.

Installation instructions are in the included README.


10 years ago

This is exactly what I want and I've installed it several times on Ubuntu (gutsy and hardy using gnome), but I do not get the animated blue dots for the hourglass only a static image.



9 years ago

Lol I finally fixed it two years later. If the cursor is set to LARGE you get no animation.

Move the slider down to small and you get a nice animated hourglass with the blue swirl.



11 years ago

Tried to install and the system give me the, "not a valid cursor theme archive'.




11 years ago

In the directions, I indicated how to install them.


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