PlombToolCo Cinnamon or XFCE or Mate no-csd or csd Original


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

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-Large Icon Set- I have expanded this greatly
-Cinnamon D.E. Theme
-gtk3 theme
-XFCE XFWM borders
-Matching Vivaldi Browser theme
-Whiskermenu theme and ZorinMenuLite theme

Those of you who have downloaded from me before know I am a Mechanic. What you may not know is just what kind. You won't find me at Jiffy Lube.
In addition to working on old cars, I also trade in the Tooling. It is quite possible... That some of you viewing this page have bought PLVMB Plomb tools from me on eBay, In Fully Polished restored Condition. And that last line means that not only do you know who you are... But you know who I am. ;)

Plomb tools was founded in 1907 by Alphonse Plomb, Jacob Weninger and Charles Williams as a Small blacksmith Shop.
Not long before this in 1901, a young upstart race car driver worked with Harry Willis to design and build a race car. This car was used to best the reigning champion, Alexander Winton in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. The new champ used his winnings to leave Edison Co. and form his own: The Ford Motor Company.
Henry Ford had used Superior alloys in his car design, allowing for greater strength and reduced weight. Including a Totanium Steel alloy. This drive axles, made of such alloys caught the attention of Alphonse Plomb who made a deal- for using extra axles as raw material for making tools.
Plomb Tool Co continued to grow, becoming one of the largest in the nation, operating five factories during the heyday of the Plomb empire. In those days, Plomb was THE tool to buy. You bought Snap On only when you could not get Plomb. Plomb was one of the largest suppliers of Army, Navy, AirCorp and Rigging tools during the Second Great War, under the Wright Field contract. In 1948, the company changed name to Proto Tools.
I could go on. I have been collecting Plomb tools (Which I USE every day) and researching the company for many years. If you would like to know more, you can search Plomb Tools Alloy Artifacts.

This set suggests... It hints. It uses several varieties of Red that Plomb used on Civilian production toolboxes. The window borders mimic my Toolbox in my shop. The progress bar is a set of deep well sockets. Much of the imagery is based on Plomb images and icons. While attempting to maintain a 1940's look, I needed to stretch the imagination a bit, to encompass modern times and devices. Credits: The mailbox and search lamp icons were made by Tiggz.
I have put far more work into this than any theme so far. This is, without much question... a more Personal theme that I have decided to share.

Extract PlombToolCo-theme.tar.gz to /usr/share/themes or to ~/.themes
Extract PlombToolCo-Icons.tar.gz to /usr/share/icons or to ~/.icons
Extract Vivaldi-Plomb-theme.tar.gz to ...well... anywhere you want really. To use, enter vivaldi://experiments in a browser tab, then select Use Customized CSS. Then under Settings - Appearance, scroll down to that newly enabled setting and direct to the place you extracted the Vivaldi Browser theme. You will need the "custom scroll bar" Chrome Extension for the scroll bars- then just copy paste the scrollbar css over into that extension without the comment brackets.
-Select the Window Background Image from Settings Appearance to the one included in vivladi-Plomb-theme folder.
---To use the WhiskerMenu or Zorin Lite Menu along with Panel themes:
Right click the XFCE4 panel, slide to the right for panel settings. Choose Appearance, then Background Image for panel, then navigate to the folder the panel is in: /themes/PlombToolCo-theme/gt-3.0/whiskermenutheme/panel.png
-For the menu icon- right click to configure and select the Transparency from /themes/PlombToolCo-theme/gt-3.0/whiskermenutheme/transparency.png
-Whiskemenu - size to fit using the grab on the upper right corner, if desired.

NOTE ON ICONS: Some apps direct to themselves instead of the /icons folder. Examples: Firestorm, Hardinfo, xnconvert... if an icon does not show up in your app menu or folder, check the Icon Theme folder /PlombToolCo/256/apps to see if the icon is Present. You can then copy over the icon, say, in /usr/share/hardinfo/pixmaps/logo.png or logo.xcf to replace the icon. Firestorm icons are located in the installed Firestorm folder (Many left in in Downloads folder). So on. If the icon is Not Present in the icon theme, feel free to request it be made.
Flatpack and Snap Installs also have the icons within the installer instead of referencing the /icons folders, as these are like MS Win10 Installer files- Bloated and self contained. So if an app is failing to show the icon and it is in the icon theme, check if that is a flathub or snap install and then change the icon out in its folder.


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