Azenis-Black XFCE4 theme cin/mate also Azenis2-ex icon set Mod


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):



UPDATE: Now includes actual "Cinnamenu" - Replace applet.js in your ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/Cinnamenu@json/4.0 folder with the one you download here.
Updated applet.js to include Azenis 2 EX (and other Icon sets I have on here) icon set support.

Built from the ground up, this is not an alteration of my Existing theme but a complete re-working of the concept built on a new foundation.
As I learn more .css and more tricks, as things improve, I am able to vastly re-do past projects.
If you liked the AzenisEX theme okay... Then you have got to try this one.

This is Azenis2 inspired; Calling it "Azenis Black". This dark theme could only get any darker if all colors were coded in #000000.
The Metacity Borders are darkened. The Scrollbar is inspired by J.J. Yings original design and darkened, rather than using the ported gtk style used previously.
The background is a linear gradient from dark to darker, to slightly less dark and then to really dark. This makes the Azenis2-EX icon set jump out of the screen at you.
Concept uses J.J. Yings original Drop Down Combobox instead of the ported gtk style used previously.
Pop up and Popover menus are styled after J.J. Yings design instead of the gtk style used previously.
Azenis Black has New .css, with much shorter code and much fewer files. It is smaller, more concise.
Many buttons are altered to be closer to J.J. Yings original design and style, but use linear gradients and linear-gradient-borders to prevent image sizing conflicts.
Rubberband multi-file selection in deep blue.

My previous attempt at moving AzenisEX to gtk3 was a learning process. This is the result of that learning. It is elegant, beautiful, faster and darker than ever before.

Currently, for Cinnamon and Installations with gtk3-nocsd installed although this Will Work on Cinnamon with CSD.

Later, will add a full CSD version.

Azenis2-EX Icon set
Azenis Black gtk controls theme
Azenis Black Cinnamon Desktop Theme
-Includes Cinnamenu and Stark Menu, StarkMenu MATE theme
Metacity3 window borders
XFWM4 Window Borders

I Have NOT yet made a Whiskermenu theme for this.

I am still a novice and still learning, but this at least shows I am actively learning. I hope you enjoy this theme, my New Favorite.

NOTE: For those having any contrast issues on FIREFOX with some webpages, this is a known issue that FF likes to sit on. A helpful user created an extension to resolve such issues:

Extract Azenis Black.tar.gz to /usr/share/themes using your file manager elevated to root with pkexec command
Or from terminal:
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xzf AzenisBlack.tar.gz -C /usr/share/themes

Or extract to your ~/.themes folder (Though any root apps will not be themed, like Synaptic)

Icons Installation:
Extract Azenis2-EX-Icons.tar.gz to /usr/share/icons
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xzf Azenis2-EX-Icons.tar.gz -C /usr/share/icons

Or extract to your ~/.icons folder (Though this will mean many icons will be ignored by the system including many symbolic icons)

NOTE: The Terminal Theme is a z shell theme (.zsh) and theme by p10k
Here is kcaps write up on the very useful and functional .zsh terminal, including word suggestions and spellcheck for Terminal


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