Archangel-12 XFCE4 theme w/ gtk-NOCSD or CSD and Icon Set Original


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


I figured it was time to try my hand at putting forth a new original theme. This mess of eyeball burning darkness is the culmination of that effort.
Archangel-12 XFCE theme. It has got a few odd features, be wary of them...
For other Linux Mint users, Included is Cinnamon theme.
Panel Background image was made by Razersedge.

UPDATE ON ICON SET: Thursday July 30 2020: I added a LOT of new App Icons bringing the total apps icons to about 500.

NOTE: For those having any contrast issues on FIREFOX with some webpages, this is a known issue that FF likes to sit on. A helpful user created an extension to resolve such issues:

NOTE: Archangel-12.tar.gz is for the NO-CSD version. This is NOT for those using CSD. It is for those using the gtk3-nocsde package.
Archangel-12-CSD is for those using CSD and who have not installed the gtk3-nocsd package.
UPDATE: removed superfluous Title Label in gtk3-nocsd version on the csd apps
ADDED compressed alternative Cinnamon theme contained within
UPDATE: Improved the Sidebar background, shown in new Image
ADDED: Pathbar Active button glows

UPDATE: Added backgrounds for Caja File Manager and Nautilus (Gnome-Files) file manager. ADDED: Alternative panel-right.png. This Alternate for the panel (right side, underneath launcher icons) gives a reverse view of the left side creating a smooth light colored background behind the launcher icons. If you would like to use it, download it and place it in the /themes/archangel-12 (or archangel-12-CSD)/cinnamon folder, replacing the original. Save a copy of the original in case you prefer it, afterward.
NOTE FOR CAJA USERS: the way Caja handles the background of the .view is a bit different. I am adding a file to the downloads for Caja Background- In your Caja file mananger, select edit>Backgrounds and Emblems and a popover window will open. Click add background and select your extracted image. But Be Warned... Caja draws it Centered and Zoomed. I formatted it to fit as best I could with a maximized window.

If you want Just the Icons, or want a better view of the icons, please see here:

NOTE on the above images: I am using the screenshots I made on the Cinnamon desktop. I will come back and replace these with more appropriate XFCE screenshots when I can get on an XFCE desktop, load the theme and take some snazzy pictures. This is formatted to XFCE and will work on XFDesktop.

For gtk-NOCSD and for CSD.

In spite of the name, this theme is not boasting imagery of the Archangel-12 aircraft (The developmental precursor to the SR-71 Blackbird). Rather, it hints... suggests to the viewer and the viewer can then draw their own conclusions as to the setting.
This theme is BYOW.
Bring your own wallpaper.

Included: Cinnamon theme, Metacity-3 theme, XFWM4, theme, Whiskermenu theme (Some tweaking required- see below), Icon set.
Cursors that go well with it are Turbine or Krakin (Please visit Grynays on deviantart).

Looking over the icon theme, you may see the Text Editor or Plain Text icon looks a little odd. I took the liberty of putting it in "big" in a screenshot. It almost looks like a code or something...
I mean, the A-12... Area-51... Don't be ridiculous. There is no code in the text representation in the icon.
There is totally a code in the icon. While I cannot give a meaningful prize to whoever cracks it, you will get props (As well as knowing what it says).
There are a total of four hints hidden throughout the theme to help any daring individual to try to crack the code. Here are some freebies:
That symbol at the lower Right of the Icon is the letter "Lambda."
The name of the theme is a clue that can helps start the journey.
Cracking the code means working with The Universal Language. Calculus is required.
You may have to look in some very funny places, for text that is no greater than 8px high. Good luck.

For many using Linux Mint or Cinnamon D.E., this really is not a major issue. I am using Zorin OS with Cinnamon installed on it. For others, or for those that use a lot of csd apps, then this becomes a bit of an issue. Client Side Decoration compresses the headerbar, titlebar and toolbar all into one bar. This creates a rather large Titlebar, of sorts. It also breaks themes. If you are using the no-csd theme of this on a computer that does not have gtk-nocsd installed, then any csd app you open may have an odd looking titlebar on it. It will work, over-all (I have tested it) but it will look funny...
You can Install gtk-nocsd to solve this totally OR you can download the Archangel-CSD package on this page which is formatted for those running without gtk-nocsd installed.
To install gtk-nocsd is Easy:
In terminal, enter the command "sudo apt-get install gtk3-nocsd"

NOTE on Firefox: If the titlebuttons are not showing up properly, please click the hamburger icon on the upper right side and then select customization. At the very bottom of that page, check the box for "TitleBar."
For some, they may get a Double Lighted Menubar on Firefox. For this, I created a FF Theme that fixes that, found here:

NOTE on WhiskerMenu: There is a lot of variance to how WhiskerMenu can be configured. Due to this, I use specific settings and as, in a moment of honesty I admit, I make these themes for ME and just generally share them sometimes... The WhiskerMenu theme is adapted to my settings. IT WILL WORK regardless of your settings, but it looks best with the settings I use. IF you would like to use my settings, they are as follows:
Conthrax font size 11.
DPI 96.
Whiskermenu is set to
Item Icon size: Normal
Category Icon size: Large
--show generic app names and show app descriptions are UNchecked.
-Position search entry next to panel button - checked
-Position categories next to panel button - checked

Jerkwad suggestion from me: I noticed that the prowler Window Border (XFWM4 or Metacity) goes well with this theme... Mix n' match.

Extract the Archangel-12.tar.gz in either /usr/share/themes or in your home ~/.themes folder - apply with your themes or appearance menu.
Extract the Archangel-12-icons.tar.gz to either /usr/share/icons or home ~/.icons - apply with your themes or appearance menu.

Feel free to make requests or suggestions or to report something about the theme that is broken. --But if you ask me to re-make the icon set in purple, red or green colors or something, you would be looking at a very long wait time, if I even opt to undertake such a task, at all. I am overworked during these times, with the advent of CoronaVirus. Changing the color of the theme is not a major undertaking, but changing the icon set coloration totally is. The icon set is like over 8,000 files...

For a shameless plug; Why not check out Starlabs PC's, built for Linux, with Linux. Starlabs now offers Zorin O.S. preinstalled on a new machine, prepped and Ready To rock.

...And finally, for those of you that download this- I hope you enjoy this theme as much as I do. Having themes like this enables me to NOT want to hulksmashcomputer when I have to spend far more time in front of it than I would like to. It is a bit childlike to make a spaceshippy looking theme and I love being a kid.
On the inside, anyway.
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