Empire Theme XFCE4 gtk3.22 and up Menus incl Original


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/Aravisian/Empire_theme

Score 58.0%

It was high time I created another original theme.
I named this one "Empire" because of its dark tones and step level design; it reminded me slightly of the Empire State Building.

I created the XFWM4 theme to instep 10px to allow greater area for Resize-Grip troubles. No fighting to find 1px border, here.
Due to XFCE 4.16 planning the move to fully CSD, dropping XFWM4 themes, I have migrated to Mint Cinnamon, so my screenshots are taken on Cinnamon D.E., however, the XFWM4 theme is complete and Does Work. ---UPDATE: Added screenshots from XFCE desktop.---
----UPDATE---- It was suggested to me that a larger titlebar would be easier for double click-to maximize. I had reconsidered making a larger version because so many Gnome claims are for smaller borders and "precious real estate". But, suggestion noted and approved: I have uploaded a LARGER XFWM4 FILE SEPARATELY. You can download it along with your Empire theme and swap them out if you prefer the larger titlebar.
--UPDATE--Fixed levelbar block not showing properly (Sorry that it took me so long to spot this...)
Update: Corrections to Nemo treeview.

This comes with the WhiskerMenu and ZorinmenuLite themes built into the theme. If you prefer to not use them, comment out the portions of the .css that enables them.

Two Versions:
With CSD and NOCSD- BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THE CORRECT ONE- If you are not using PCMans gtk3-nocsd, then the NOCSD theme will create odd n' unusual headerbars on your csd apps.

I have not yet finished making the icon set for this (That is a lengthy and tedious task) but I am using the Torque Icons with it. It fits pretty well.

Extract package to your Downloads folder. Then move the Empire Theme folder to your /usr/share/themes folder or to ~/.themes
That's it. Since Whisker and ZorinMenu is included, it goes with it.
To use the Menu Button Icons for WhiskerMenu:
Right click WhiskerMenu, then choose Properties. Click the button to select an icon and navigate to your themes folder, empire/gtk-3.0/whiskermenutheme/transparency.png and select it.
ZorinMenuLite stores its icon (usually) as an .svg file in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/symbolic/apps

I hope you enjoy this theme as much as I do. PLEASE REPORT ISSUES TO ME- if I do not know about them, I cannot fix them.


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Thanks as always, sdmf.


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