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About three days before I posted this, I realized what AzenisEX looks like in all lower case letters. Hmmph...
Oh well...
I had originally hoped to have this ready by the tenth anniversary of Azenis Theme. I am sorry, gtk kicked my butt.
This is attempt number one at a system theme.
Please keep in mind: I am a classic car restoration mechanic. Nine months ago or so, I had never even heard of .css cascading Style Sheets. I had never heard of gtk. I was unhappily using Win-system and had been for many years.
This year, I joined the Linux crowd and I found the Azenis theme while customizing my Linux distro, fresh as fresh can be. I was disappointed to learn that it was long outdated and totally obsolete on modern linux distros. In short, I could not have the Azenis Theme.
The hell with that...!
So Here it is- Azenis EXtended. My aim was to go pretty much over the top, increasing depth, texture and feel. It was a selfish venture that I now selflssly? share with you. If you want it.
Sometime back, I read a quote that I cannot remember who said it or where I saw it. But the jist of the quote was, "My computer is my workbench which I use as much as 12 hours a day. I do not care what some nube thinks, I need it to be functional. I do not care what it looks like."
Right off the bat, referring to anyone that does not share your own personal preferences as "nubes" definitely counts as manipulative weasel words to lead the reader.
If I spend up to 12 hours a day at a computer, then it better look freaking Awesome. It better fill me with JOY to see it. It better have meaning, and customization and be a pleasure to work with.
And frankly, drab, bland flat pasty themes and icons do not inspire me to feel pleasure at working at the machine. I may be a "nube" but at least I have good taste. Or poor taste. If you ware downloading this, you must be as terrible a nube as me.

What this includes: Icons set for AzenisEX; AzenisEX theme; Gnome Shell, XFCE xfwm window borders; fonts; wallpapers. Coming Soon: Cinnamon Desktop theme to compliment this pack.
Link to cursor
You will notice right away that something looks odd.
Gnome integrated the header and titlebars. This means that I had to "elevate" the header imagery to accommodate the buttons. In this sense, this is not so much mimicking the look of J.J. Yings Azenis as much as being Inspired by it to get creative.
I extended the buttons out to be larger and longer for Close, Minimize and Maximize. This is, like AzenisXFM, intended to make it harder to miss your target.
I themed the titlebuttons to "close the eyes" when inactive, much like my XFMi window borders listed. This makes it easier to tell which is your active window at a glance.
In these times, theming has moved away from images and toward linear gradients. That is a fine thing, in its place, and I used many but sometimes, an image is needed. However... In SOME cases, the developer of an app thinks in terms of Linear Gradients and designs something that can expand to huge sizes or tiny sizes without considering that a background image may be used.
For this theme, the pathbar button on the latest Thunar File Manager is a good example. It looks weird.
I'm not changing the buttons, sorry. It works over-all and I already tested it as a linear gradient and it looked 100% awful.
On the Gnome Shell: I included a basic bg image for the panel. However, if your screen size, resolution matches, you can switch to the same Panel background you see in the images by renaming the image files. Rename "panel.svg" to "panel-alt-1.svg" then rename "panel-alt.svg" to "panel.svg."
This is listed for XFCE desktop, but it should work on Cinnamon with gtk 3.22 or 3.24 (maybe more), Mate, Budgie, and even Gnome, more or less. I have noticed on some testing machines and distros (I tested on Zorin 15 gnome, MX linux XFCE, Linux Mint Tessa...) that occasionally some outside apps do not pick up the Client Side Decorations completely, picking up only the Titlebuttons without the background of the header.
Chrome has a fix for that by selecting "use system theme."
On 3.22 the titlebuttons appear small whereas on 3.24 they appear normal size on these CSD apps. I am working on that.
Azenis was designed by J.J.Ying to compete in WindowBlinds (Microsoft) and won the championship. It was ported to KDE by EZY and later to Gnome by JamesHardy88. Yantar created AzenisXF window borders for XFCE. Cursor ported by Kuduk and by Ahyangyi.
Images show GTK apps as well as XFWM managed apps.
To Install, extract "AzenisEX-darkGTK+" to /usr/share/themes
Extract AzenisEX Icon set to /usr/share/icons

Move font files to your ~/.fonts folder.
PLEASE report bugs, glitches, problems in the comments down below or email me at Criticism welcome, insults, derision, nudies, spam are unwelcome.
I hope you enjoy; and if you feel inspired, Get Creative. Modify - change the theme to suit you; add elements, take elements away, change the images, the colors, whatever floats your boat. Keep FOSS alive, keep customizing and expressing your individuality. I left MANY unused elements in the assets and borders folders that you can use.
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