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Cyana-3D gives way to this more update, upbeat look. Still running on the same principle that says a decent theme need not be over 4000 lines of script and can easily load on any device. I could go on for days about all the issues and errors I found, but that would bore everyone to tears. Instead I will just say this zip file contains Cyana-3D V2 and Cyana. The first is great for Gnome Flashback which is Cyana-3D V2. Cyana is great for Cinnamon as it contains the metacity headerbar/titlebar files and no imagery for backgrounds as at this time Cinnamon no longer handles that. Basically, you will see in the 3rd picture how it looks on Cinnamon. You will also see a newer version of a past Cinnamon theme partially done. Please excuse that work in progress.

I have done my very best to capture the most functionality, I could find. If you are looking for fancy checkboxes is not here, since is all done by script now. I was upset having to put my old art work inside the last one, as I love change. I hope you will agree is a nice and welcome change as is very rare on GL to see anyone do this. Same goes for the look, seems I am the only one that does this type of look. I firmly believe the raised look along with shadows and coloring variables makes our desktops look real nice and shows we are in 2017 approaching 2018, not 1995. Of course, I understand everyone is not going to want their desktops looking so uniquely different, so for those please accept some of us enjoy it as you do something else.

This took a very long amount of time to complete/correct. I seriously hope everyone will enjoy it, whether you use if for your desktop or to shape your own theme by. Rest assured the gtk.css is still under 800 lines. I also want to extend my thanks to Gnome Development for which I sincerely believe there is no better desktop on this earth. Without their hard work, this look would never exist. Also a thanks to all theme creators, since without your ingenuity this also would not be possible. I hope everyone will be satisfied with the workings of this theme and also be prepared to see all the others from the past coming back in a 2 theme zip. Only possible way as I want the best of both worlds for everyone. Issues based on system errors, please let me know as I want this perfect for all of us. Remember, this is the main theme I always use. I only switch to the others when I get bored or have a new idea that needs to be real. When time permits, I will get the rest of my work done which includes Shell themes, GDM, Unity and Cinnamon. Best wishes to everyone here.
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