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Matcha is a flat Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell
A flat theme with transparent elements
(Base on Arc-theme :
Download tips
Matcha-aliz:--------------red version
Matcha-azul:-------------blue version
Matcha-sea:--------------sea green version
Matcha-dark-aliz:-------dark red version
Matcha-dark-azul:------dark blue version
Matcha-dark-sea:-------dark sea green version
1. GTK+ 3.20 or later

2. GTK2 engines requirment:

(1). GTK2 engine Murrine or later.
(2). GTK2 pixbuf engine or the gtk(2)-engines package.

Fedora/RedHat distros:
yum install gtk-murrine-engine gtk2-engines

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros:
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf

pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine gtk-engines

Other: Search for the engines in your distributions repository or install the engines from source.

Last changelog:

2019.04.15 5 days ago

Fixed nautilus 3.32 pathbar issues
Fixed Chrome 73 issues
Fixed gnome 3.32 issues


1 year ago

Ah, well that is a bummer. Sorry to bother you then. I didn't realize what GTK version I was running.



1 year ago

I was finally able to update GTK to version 3.22, and can I just say, I love this theme.
However, I have come into an issue. Terminal text aswell as titles and normal text through the cinnamon file manager (nemo) are all too dark to read.




1 year ago

You can set the Terminal background color or text color at Terminal‘s Profile Preferences



1 year ago

Ah, Thank you. I didn't know about that.



1 year ago

What about the Nemo File manager and its almost invisible text? Is there a simple fix to this that I can do or something?




1 year ago

I‘ll fix this



1 year ago

Thanks! I really appreciate your work. You do an excellent job at making themes. Thank you.




1 year ago

That bug be fixed now! and by the way I‘m making the cinnamon theme , wish you’ll like it when it finished



1 year ago

Awesome! That is all the bugs I have seen so far. Can't wait to see the cinnamon theme!



1 year ago

好好看啊 真心喜欢 虽然是第一版




1 year ago




1 year ago

Great theme, would appreciate an xfwm theme with it.




1 year ago

Thanks, xfwm theme is on the way!



1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

xD is this related to a GTK3 theme in some way?




1 year ago

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1 year ago

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2019.04.15 5 days ago

Fixed nautilus 3.32 pathbar issues
Fixed Chrome 73 issues
Fixed gnome 3.32 issues

2019.04.04 16 days ago

Fixed gnome-shell 3.32 close-button and menu issues

2019.03.23 28 days ago

Fixed gnome control centry 3.32 issues

2019.03.10 1 month ago

Fixed cinnamon issues

2019.02.27 1 month ago

Fixed css issue

2019.02.19 2 months ago

Fixed nautilus3.32 issues

2019.02.08 2 months ago

Fixed menu issues

2019.01.20 3 months ago

Fixed terminal border issue

2019.01.12 3 months ago

Fixed xfce4-panel menubar issues

2019.01.04 3 months ago

Fixed xfce4-panel issues (gtk3)

2018.12.27 3 months ago

Fixed gtk2 issues
Fixed xfce4 issues

2018.12.18 4 months ago

Fixed headerbar linked entry issues

2018.12.07 4 months ago

Fixed cinnamon shell 4.0 issues
Fixed headerbar issues

2018.12.01 4 months ago

Fixed headerbar issues
Fixed xfce4 appmenu on panel issues

2018.11.24 4 months ago

Fixed firefox pamac issues
Darker border color

2018.11.18 5 months ago

Fixed cinnamon issues

2018.11.11 5 months ago

Fixed issues

2018.11.04 5 months ago

Fixed xfwm4 issues

2018.10.27 5 months ago

Fixed metacity issues

2018.10.21 5 months ago

Fixed xfce4 gtk3 issues
Fixed budgie issues

2018.10.15 6 months ago

Fixed xfce4 gtk2 issues

2018.10.07 6 months ago

Fixed xfce4 gtk3 issues
Fixed nautilus 3.30 issues

2018.09.26 6 months ago

Fixed gnome-shell issues

2018.09.20 7 months ago

Fixed xfce4 border issues

2018.09.14 7 months ago

Fixed xfce4 issues

2018.08.29 7 months ago

Fixed nemo and borders bugs

2018.05.23 10 months ago

Fixed filechooser actionbar bugs

2018.05.16 11 months ago

Fixed dialog button boder bug

2018/04/16 1 year ago


2018.04.12 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2018.04.07 1 year ago

FIxed bugs

2018.03.29 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2018.03.20 1 year ago

Changed suggested button color style

2018.03.20 1 year ago

Fixed gnome-shell bugs

2018.03.14 1 year ago

Fixed Chrome title button bug

2018.03.06 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2018.03.02 1 year ago

Fixed gtk2 bugs
Fixed xfwm bugs

2018.02.28 1 year ago

Fixed bugs
Add blue and red versions

2018.02.24 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2018.02.21 1 year ago

Fixed ssd shadow bug and support budgie desktop

2018.02.13 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2018.02.12 1 year ago

Darker border

2018.02.05 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2018.02.01 1 year ago

FIxed firefox and menu bugs
Add restore titlebutton icons

2018.01.30 1 year ago

Update dialog button style and fixed bugs

2018.01.26 1 year ago

Fixed windows shadow bugs

2018.01.25 1 year ago

Fixed menubar bug

2018.01.20 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2018.01.07 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2017.12.28 1 year ago

Add full dark version and fixed some bugs

2017.12.20 1 year ago

remove csd border and fixed some bugs

2017.12.20 1 year ago

Fixed csd and libreoffice close button bugs

2017.12.19 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2017.12.01 1 year ago

Fixed gtk2 menubar backgroud color

2017.11.20 1 year ago

Fixed xfwm4 theme png files wrong place

2017.11.02 1 year ago

Load png assets for Chrome window restore button

2017-09-28 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2017-09-25 1 year ago

Fixed gnome-shell bugs

2017-09-22 1 year ago

Changed stack-switch style and fixed some bugs

2017-09-18 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2017-09-16 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2017-09-14 1 year ago

Fixed bugs and add openbox theme

2017-09-14 1 year ago

Fixed bugs

2017-09-11 1 year ago

Fixed some bugs

2017-09-07 1 year ago

Fixed some bugs

2017-08-23 1 year ago

1. Fixed some bugs
2. Add Cinnamon Light and Dark theme

2017-08-21 1 year ago

Fixed some bugs

2017-08-17 1 year ago

Add missed headerbar switch icons and add animation to headerbar path button

2017-08-17 1 year ago

Add xfwm4 theme and gnome shell dark theme version.

2017-08-16 1 year ago


2017-08-15 1 year ago

The first version

product-maker malysps Apr 15 2019

One of the best GTK theme currently available :)

product-maker gaperst Apr 08 2019

+ Really cool theme, it would just be cool that you could put back the `gnome shell` folders in the downloadable archives (you seem to have removed it from the last update). Thanks !

product-maker algent Mar 23 2019


product-maker dmz51 Mar 23 2019

+Works great on Debian + cinnamon, thanks a lot!

product-maker Sourav Feb 27 2019


product-maker mikitl Feb 19 2019

+ My theme by default

product-maker Kaizo Jan 14 2019


product-maker mekschr Jan 12 2019

+nice theme

product-maker Gespenst Jan 05 2019


product-maker jocixlinux Dec 31 2018


product-maker amorpher Dec 18 2018

+Good theme? but is thre a gray|dark red variant?

product-maker opendesktopper Dec 08 2018

+ Hey vinceliuice, what a great theme! Are you going to update the PPA anytime soon?

product-maker pr0g Nov 23 2018

+Finally an aqua theme!!! Beautiful with Breeze hacked cursor ;)

product-maker penguinjuice Nov 19 2018


product-maker chichansote Nov 04 2018

+Great theme, really elegant! Keep the good work

product-maker sinqbad Oct 28 2018


product-maker guimmp Oct 23 2018


product-maker fishears Oct 15 2018

+ lovely

product-maker dannychris38 Oct 11 2018


product-maker cisilio Oct 10 2018


product-maker scoson Oct 07 2018

+ I've enjoyed dark aliz, azul, and sea for some time now.

product-maker Jocix Sep 03 2018


product-maker DarkBeastOfPrey Aug 31 2018


product-maker Glaceartisanale Aug 22 2018


product-maker salvant Aug 10 2018

good work, cheers

product-maker WynStaXxx Jun 07 2018


product-maker KUPOinyourWINDOW May 18 2018

Best GTK Theme

product-maker annoyingduck May 12 2018

product-maker Th3Dan Feb 21 2018

product-maker malcomz Feb 18 2018

stop to update your theme every good damn day

product-maker bascha Feb 15 2018

product-maker izzzy Feb 11 2018

the borders have almost no contrast, so once redshift is running the theme becomes almost unusable

product-maker yaqwsx Feb 04 2018

product-maker fblais Jan 30 2018

product-maker Icuw1pc Jan 30 2018

Beautiful theme, been running it for a few weeks now and haven't had a single issue.

product-maker AV1Aca Jan 27 2018

product-maker xfcegure Jan 12 2018

product-maker xiaoyilin Jan 05 2018


product-maker unc926 Dec 21 2017

product-maker JCA Dec 18 2017

This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! :D

product-maker SupremeTamer Oct 03 2017


product-maker brycelynch Oct 01 2017

product-maker Trinity Sep 24 2017

product-maker alpargyenge Sep 16 2017

product-maker veritate Sep 13 2017

I really like this theme. The one thing that could be improved probably are the tiny fonts in the Gnome panel. I guess this is inherited from Arc, but it makes things less readable. What irks me though: When an app is opened, is the underlining color indicating 'opened' supposed to be cyan or white? Looking at the screenshots, it appears to be cyan (which imho looks great), but for me it's white. Using Fedora 26, Gnome 3.24 here. Is this a bug or are just the screenshots outdated?

product-maker marcus66 Sep 07 2017

product-maker skysork Sep 03 2017

product-maker gunigemm22 Sep 03 2017

product-maker afavydu Sep 01 2017

product-maker gimmollan Sep 01 2017

product-maker coppoferom Aug 30 2017

product-maker bolimage Aug 27 2017

product-maker eqatuzyp55 Aug 24 2017

product-maker larim56 Aug 24 2017

product-maker Ikazine Aug 20 2017

product-maker dergnome Aug 18 2017

product-maker intro18 Aug 17 2017

product-maker vistaus Aug 15 2017

product-maker Kamelot Aug 15 2017

product-maker Cybernix Aug 15 2017


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