GNOME-OSC-Traditional/ Gnome-OSC-traditional-light-menu and its No Transparency-versions
GNOME-OSC-HS / Gnome-OSC-HS-light-menu and its no transparency versions
GNOME-OSC-Space-grey and its no transparency version

Open larger screenshots in a new tab and enlarge for full view
Made by paulxfce (alias Manjarocinnamonfan, paulubuntu).

Latest update:
New Update: 16/04/2018: Changing theme-names and files for copyright-issues
New update: 15/04/2018: Bugfixes and complying to license requirements.
New Update: 09/04/2018; Adjusting padding and remade the dialog-windows
New Update: 16/02/2018: Each theme has a non-transparent-version. Download one theme will extract 2 themes: the original and it No-Transparency counterpart
New Update: 04/02/2018: New variants of themes with light menu-backgrounds / Fix for Libre-Office ugly tab-button at the rightside.
New update: 30/01/2018: Smaller tabs and consequent button-sizes across all themes
New Update: 7/01/2018: redesigned the tabs, bugs fixes.
New Update: 12/12/2017: Fixed the maximized titlebar in Gnome-OSX-V-traditional.
New Update: 5/12/2017: uploaded correct versions
New Update: 4/12/2017: restore-button did not show in maximized-backdrop-state. Fixed it.
New update: 3/12/2017: Corrected infobar-button-colors, so they look normal (f.e. restore-empty buttons in the trash window of nautilus)
New Update: 3/12/2017: Corrected theme-parsing-errors
New Update: 1/12/2017: Main new feature: Transparent and rounded menus, added the High-Sierra-version, allot of polishing and finetuning
New update: 22:11:2017: Maximized titlebutton-issue in Chrome-browser solved; nautilus-redesign; hamburger-menu's-redesign; Synaptic-toolbar-issue solved;
New update:15/11/2017: Corrected bugs and inconsistencies.
New update: 26/10/2017: Solved bugs: undo-button is dark; contextmenu was not holding the intial font. Fixed that.
New: update: 19/10/2017: Added Space-grey-variant, GTK 3.26-ready, new Shell-theme. New font.
New update: 13/09/2017: Completely new theme
New update: 10/6/2017: Bug fixes
New update 14/5/2017: Compliant with gnome 3.24; smaller headerbar and buttons; removed redundant code; added Github-page
New update 16/02/2017
New update 12/2/2017
New Update: 11/2/2017
New Update 9/2/2017

This is a gnome-desktop-interpretation of a certain Cupertino-based OS. I've tried to implement the feel of it on the gnome-applications, without really copying it (to prevent copyright-issues). In the latest version I've modernized it in every little detail. There is nothing (not a single item) that is not new. Resulting in a completely rewritten GTK.CSS-file four times bigger than the previous one, while the theme feels more responsive. I've also added a new dark theme (Space-grey) , so Terminal, Photo's, and Video's are automatically dark-themed.

Gnome-OSC-Space-Grey is also available seperately. This has the benefit of GTK 2.0- theming also.
Added the HS-variant too.
New: Traditional and HS come with a variant that uses light background for menu's. Useful for those with bad ( blueish )screens, since menu's tend to be blue instead of grey.

I've spend a great deal of time (3 months) and effort on this theme into fine-tuning it, so I hope you try before you judge !

Main features:

- Support for dark theme.(Space grey)
- Use of gradients and shadows to improve readability.
- Same theming across GTK2 and GTK3. (See screenshots).

Separate download for Shell-themes:
- New Shell-theme to complement the Space-grey-variant
- Shell theme with white dock and slighty dark top-bar
- Shell theme with dark dock and dark top-bar.

This theme is developed on gnome 3.20 and updated to 3.28
This only works on a gnome-desktop, no support for other desktop-environments.
It also works on Ubuntu 18.04

When, as such, theming does not look the way it should be: make sure you have installed the necessary theme-"engines":

- The gnome-themes-standard package,
- The murrine engine. This has different names depending on your distro.
gtk-engine-murrine (Arch Linux)
gtk2-engines-murrine (Debian, Ubuntu, elementary OS)
gtk-murrine-engine (Fedora)
gtk2-engine-murrine (openSUSE)
gtk-engines-murrine (Gentoo)

sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf is the terminal command, usually solves the issues with GTK2.

How to install:

First: Download the file; extract it; and you will find two themes. a version with transparency, another with (not-transparent); copy both files to a '.themes'-folder you make in your home directory. Or to your USR/SHARE/THEMES-folder for system-wide use (certainly for theming of SNAP-packages)
Then use Tweak-tool to select the GTK and shell theme.
LOG OUT AND BACK IN for changes to take effect !

Second: OSX uses titlebuttons on the left-side:
To put the buttons to the left open a terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout "close,minimize,maximize:"

To put the buttons back to the right in case you want to revert:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ":minimize,maximize,close"

In Gnome 3.26 gnome-tweak has a option to change the position of the titlebuttons, so the above steps are not necessary.
Last changelog:

Ready for ubuntu 18.04 1 month ago

This theme is now ready for Ubuntu 18.04


3 days ago




6 days ago




8 days ago




17 days ago

It would be great if this was on GitHub, so that this theme could then be downloaded via BASH Scripts, as I'd love to be able to grab this theme with an automated script, but GNOME Look consistently changes the download link for all the posts on this website, so I can't do it while it's on here...



17 days ago

Oops, sorry, didn't see that they put GitHub links all the way at the top, thanks.



28 days ago

Followed all the instructions given in "how to install". But, on completion, I didn't get
the themes, icons in gnome-tweak tool



21 days ago

Had the same problem on Archlinux, had to install on ~/.local/share/themes/. Copy the contents so that the directory is ~/.local/share/themes/Gnome-OSC-HS-(transparent)



28 days ago

Followed all the instructions given in "how to install". But, on completion, I didn't get l
the themes, icons in gnome-tweak too



1 month ago

Hey Paul,

Thanks for a great theme. Just hoping you can point me in right direction in regards to one thing. We have recently started using Evolution mail and noticed something that I would like to fix. Whenever I receive a meeting request, the text on the buttons for Accept etc are invisible (or blended with same colour). The two buttons' text should be visible with "Open Calendar" and "Accept".

Please see this:

I have taken a look at the css, but it's going to take me a while to figure out. Can you point me in the right direction where I can set the colour to make the text on the buttons visible?

It would really be appreciated.




1 month ago

Really nice!



1 month ago

Gnome 2.28.1 (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)? Its comming soon? :D Great job!



1 month ago

can someone please help me reduce titlebar height. The titlebar height is too big for my laptop size. it would be helpful if can get the titlebar height from the spacegray variant to the high-sierra one.



2 months ago

Hello, thank you for making this. I am using CentOS 7 (Gnome version 3.22.2), when a windows is inactive, the maximize disappears. Can you help me with this? Thanks.



2 months ago

Hello. Great theme because I love macs, however since I'm fairly new to Gnome my icons don't change. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciative



2 months ago

Normally, you should download icon and cursor themes in your .icons folder and the GTK and Shell themes in .themes (create them if they don't already exist). Both are hidden folders in your Home folder.

If done so, you should have the icon theme available for selection in GNOME Tweaks.




2 months ago

My theme does not contain an icontheme. Look elsewhere in the icons-section of



2 months ago

any plan on packing it into flatpak?



2 months ago

Hi Paul, i love your theme. Can you help me reduce the titlebar height?



2 months ago

how to make it the same height with the space gray theme



2 months ago

Hello @paulxfce! I looked at your themes and they look very good, definitely you have talent.
How can I connect to you?

I've just started to develop GTK-based application and soon or later I'm going to port it to Mac OS X.
It will be probably not so soon... but I'd have a contact with you if it's possible and cooperate in the future.
Do you have email | WhatsApp | Telegram?
my email: [malvikus] [dot] [gmail]



2 months ago

I'm using Ubuntu Budgie 16.04 and like j3698 the theme looks completely messed up :/



2 months ago

Just trying to help out. Please check this: "This theme is developed on gnome 3.20 and updated to 3.26". You need to be at least @ v3.20 of gnome.



2 months ago

Which icon pack are you using sir



2 months ago

When I try any of the themes, they are all messed up, I'm not sure why. Ubuntu16.04/Gnome



3 months ago

It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


Ready for ubuntu 18.04 1 month ago

This theme is now ready for Ubuntu 18.04

Changing theme name and files for copyright-issues 2 months ago

Changing theme name and files for copyright-issues

Bugfixes and license-requirements 2 months ago

Bugfixes and complying to license-requirements

Ready for 18.04, bugfixes 2 months ago

Reviewed the themes for Ubuntu 18.04.
Readjusted padding and redesign of dialog-windows

Bugfixes and redesign of the tabs 5 months ago

Bugfixes and redesign of the tabs

Corrected maximized window in Traditional-version 6 months ago

Corrected maximized window in Traditional-version

Re-added Shell themes 6 months ago

Re-added shell themes

Uploaded correct versions 6 months ago

Accidentally uploaded older versions

Fixed restore-titlebutton in maximized-backdrop-state 6 months ago

Fixed restore-titlebutton in maximized-backdrop-state

Corrected the infobar-colors 6 months ago

Restore and empty buttons where incorrect on some gnome-versions. Corrected them.

Corrected theme parsing errors 6 months ago

Corrected theme parsing errors

Transparency and new theme 6 months ago

Introduced transparent and rounded menus
High-Sierra version added

More transparency, nautilus-redesign, chrome-browser-issue and synaptic-issue solved 6 months ago

- Maximized titlebutton issue in chrome-browser (when using its own titlebar) is solved (created restore-buttons)
- The searchbar in nautilus is redesigned (removed the background)
- Hamburger-menus are redesigned (more transparency, lighter hover-color)
- When hovering over menu-items the blue color is a gradient, instead of a flat color.
- Sidebar of nautilus is transparent.
- Synaptic -package-manager-toolbar-color-ssue is fixed.

Corrected Bugs-release 7 months ago

Solved bugs and inconsistencies

Bugs solved 7 months ago

fixed contextmenu not holding font
Fixed UNDO-button not showing dark background

Solved problem dark toolbar buttons in libre-office 7 months ago

Solved problem dark active toolbar buttons in libre-office in the light version. Tanks to Tpypts for pointing it out.

Version IV 7 months ago

Gnome 3.26 ready, New variant: Space-Grey

Version 3.0 9 months ago

New version

Added a github-link 1 year ago

Files are now available at my github

Update to gnome 3.24 1 year ago

Updated the theme to work with the latest gnome.
Headerbar and buttons are a bit smaller.
Redesigned the window-decoration and shadows to address issues
Removed redundant code.

Solution for nautilus-menu-disabled-items -theming. New sidebar background 1 year ago

Solution for nautilus-menu-disabled-items -theming. New sidebar background
Thanks Gelonek for finding the bug. I appreciate the feedback!

Added a theme-version with no transparent sidebar (NT) 1 year ago

At request: a version with no transparency set for the nautilus sidebar.

Window resize area reduced 1 year ago

'Melk' pointed out to the problem of the large area the resizing cursor takes before the pointer focusses on the other items on the desktop. He is absolutely right. The margin was set to 10px. Which is wrong. I now reduced the margin-size to 3px. I re-uploaded a correct version (an update again...) 2.4.

System-log errors corrected 1 year ago

Autocrosser1 pointed out that the theme created 'log-flooding', which pointed to colors not defined properly. Updated the download-file with a corrected version 2.3

Refining theme 1 year ago

-fixed the round button on sliders not showing a border
-made new check-and radio buttons
-harmonized the size and spacing of check-and radio buttons across GTK2- and GTK- applications
-removed the dotted inner box that showed the focus-button, because it was ugly...
- harmonized the line-color and depth beneath the headerbar or menubar across GTK2 and GTK3
-Blurred background remains even in maximized window-state
-removed the dotted line that appears at the top or bottom when scrolling trough lenghty lists (overshoot and undershoot)
reduced the default button-height to 20px, thereby making the buttons smaller in GTK3

Side-bar 1 year ago

New Side-bar solution: using blurred background, instead of transparent color

Version 2 1 year ago

Major changes in this theme:
- lighter theme, with rounded buttons
- transparent sidebar with bolded text-elements (just like mac-osx-finder)
- elevated and rounded buttons
- exclusion of original unfocused window theming: only title-buttons are greyed out
- overall fine-tuning

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Really nice!

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Thank you for your good job. Space Grey is my daily use theme. It has some problems with gtk2 (like tab headers,...), i hope you may have time to deal that problems.

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very nice, looking forward to the Gnome Pro updates. Keep up the good work

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Very nice theme. It doesn't show the maximize button for Google Chrome, but a lot of themes seem to have that problem. Hopefully that's fixed in a future update.

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It's very nice,thank you!

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very good

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This is theme very beautiful and really well done. Everything works perfectly on Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome 3.26. I appreciate the hard work and attention to detail that must have gone into creating this theme. Thank you.

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This is really really slick mate, well done.

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Greatest, works well on gnome 3.26

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Best Theme

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ugh, make your system look like the worst and most limited system I can think of...

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