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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Score 87.8%

Papirus - it's free and open source SVG-based icon theme for Linux with material and flat style.
All elements have clear distinction and outlines. Also main feature - it's jucy colors tone.

Papirus support hardcode-tray script:

Folder Color support:

Dolphin Folder Color support:

Papirus Folders script:

And KDE color scheme:
Last changelog:

20191009 9 days ago

Added icons:
2064 Read Only Memories, 7 Days to Die, 8BitMMO, Bastion, Battery icons for GNOME Shell 3.34, BattleBlock Theater, Bendy and the Ink Machine, BunsenLabs, Cawbird, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Cuphead, Day of Defeat, Deathmatch Classic and Half-Life Deathmatch Source, DeviantART, Doki Doki Literature Club, Dota Underlords, Desktop, Dying Light, FEZ, FreeDOS, GNOME Firmware, Gish, Gladish, GreenWithEnvy, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Hypnospace Outlaw, LADI Tools (apps and tray icons), Little Inferno, MacOS distributor logo, MenuLibre, New distributor logos + MX Apps Redesign, Obfuscate, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, OneDrive, PureOS, Pynocchio, Shadwen, Skullgirls, Slime Rancher, SteamOS distributor logo, Team Fortress Classic, Termius, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Tilesetter, Ubuntu Studio distributor logo, World of Goo, XiaomiTool

Updated icons:
- Komorebi
- MusicBrainz Picard
- Peek
- Preferences Desktop


1 year ago

9 Great!



1 year ago

9 Probably the best icon theme on Linux currently




1 year ago

9 Great theme, thanks.



1 year ago

Love this icon set! but is missing a Mathematica icon :( Could you please add it?


C S3


1 year ago




1 year ago

Could you please add an icon for FBreader? :)


C S3


1 year ago

This icon exist, please check your desktop-file



1 year ago

9 Colors are life! =)



1 year ago

I would also like a Papirus Breeze version and see the folders matched with the Breeze theme.
I really liked this theme.
Thank you.



1 year ago

9 Great looking. It's obvious that a lot of work has been put into this. Fantastic job.



1 year ago

Please consider making a Papirus Breeze version with folders that match the stock breeze color. Papirus light is nice, but the folders are the wrong shade of blue. Thank you. I love this theme.


C S3


1 year ago

It's hard for development, But we think about that :)



2 years ago

9 Almost every day an update, good work!



2 years ago

That clock in the upper right corner, how do I get it?


C S3


2 years ago

It's Plasma widget on Adapta KDE Theme:



2 years ago

9 Best icon theme. EVER.



2 years ago

The Adapta-Nokto variant doens't change the folder colors, it is still blue



2 years ago

Missing icons: Glabels, Airmirror, Dvd95, Guvcview, WatsAppMessenger


C S3


2 years ago




2 years ago

9 Love this icon set. But I do wish the stock folder color was orange or maybe yellow. The blue folders clash with the breeze color scheme of KDE. I think orange or yellow would be a better stock color since it would blend better with both Breeze in Plasma and Adwaita in Gnome apps.



2 years ago

9 Super!



2 years ago

symlink error: File name too long

Couldn't extract the master file



2 years ago

9 nice theme!



2 years ago

Thank you, I have been added to my PPA.



2 years ago

Evolution is main Email application in Gnome and I wondered to see that Papirus isn't supporting it. It's half Papirus and half Gnome. It's looking horrible :)


20191009 9 days ago

Added icons:
2064 Read Only Memories, 7 Days to Die, 8BitMMO, Bastion, Battery icons for GNOME Shell 3.34, BattleBlock Theater, Bendy and the Ink Machine, BunsenLabs, Cawbird, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Cuphead, Day of Defeat, Deathmatch Classic and Half-Life Deathmatch Source, DeviantART, Doki Doki Literature Club, Dota Underlords, Desktop, Dying Light, FEZ, FreeDOS, GNOME Firmware, Gish, Gladish, GreenWithEnvy, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Hypnospace Outlaw, LADI Tools (apps and tray icons), Little Inferno, MacOS distributor logo, MenuLibre, New distributor logos + MX Apps Redesign, Obfuscate, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, OneDrive, PureOS, Pynocchio, Shadwen, Skullgirls, Slime Rancher, SteamOS distributor logo, Team Fortress Classic, Termius, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Tilesetter, Ubuntu Studio distributor logo, World of Goo, XiaomiTool

Updated icons:
- Komorebi
- MusicBrainz Picard
- Peek
- Preferences Desktop

20190919 29 days ago

Added distributor logos (thx to @creepertron95):
Absolute Linux, Alpine Linux, Android, ArchBang, AryaLinux, Condres OS, Crux Linux, Devuan, Knoppix, MX Linux, OpenMandriva, Parrot Security OS, ROSA Linux, SalentOS, SmartOS, Voyager, Zorin OS

Added symlinks for new Flatpak apps hosted on FlatHub
Bitcoin Core, BlueJ, Electrum, Hydrogen, Konversation, KTouch, LeoCAD, Mixxx, Palette, ScanTailor Advanced, TuxGuitar, XMind ZEN, Xournal++

Added icons:
AppImage Launcher, Biblereader, Bitwig Studio (mime icons), Borderlands:The Pre-Sequel, Chiaki (PS4 Remote Play Client), Cool Retro Term, Duolingo, Google Slides, Icon Library, JASP, MKUSB, Motrix, Mozc Setup, MX Custom Toolbox, MX Tools, Nuclear, OpenComic, Piwigo, prime-hybrid icon for Optimus Manager Qt, STL 3D model, Tangram, Teams for Linux (tray icon), Tumblr, Vieb (Vim Inspired Electron Browser), Virtual Machine Manager (actions, status, and tray icons)

Updated icons:
Bitwig Studio, CPU, Firefox symbolic, Firefox: Updated Icon To New Branding, GNOME Photos, GNOME Videos, Skype, YAST hwinfo

Changes and fixes:
- Added symlinks for apps of MX Linux
- Fixed distribute-vertical-gaps Inkscape icon
- Make Delete icon different from Move to Trash
- Removed symlinks for Firefox 3, 3.5, 4, and Aurora

20190817 2 months ago

Added icons:
ANT Downloader, Advanced REST Client, Angular Console, AnimaShooter, Another Redis Desktop Manager, AppImageUpdate, Ark Desktop Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Augur, Axe Electrum, Balss, Black Chocobo, Celeste, Celluloid, Contrast, Dragonframe, GB Studio, GNOME Feeds, KDocker, KawAnime, KittehPlayer, Ksnip, Laigter, LibreOffice 6.3, LittleWeeb, Mandelbulber, MediaElch, Microsoft Teams for Linux, Midori Browser, Mindi (app & mimes), NVIDIA Optimus applet for MATE, Negibox, Optimus Manager Qt, RPCS3, Stella, Xournal++, actions icons for Elisa player, actions icons for Kdenlive

Added Appimage symlinks:
Clipgrab, Friture, Gifcurry, MediaConch, Mellow Player, Museeks, Olive Editor

Updated icons:
Albert Launcher, Drawing, Firefox Trunk (Nightly), Gaupol, Konqueror, QNapi (app & tray), Rekonq

Changes and fixes:
- Optimize app icons for Luakit, qBrowser, Apache Directory Studio
- Optimize Mullvad VPN panel icons

20190802 2 months ago

- Initially support Trinity Desktop Environment

Added icons:
BOINC Manager, Blockbench, Cozy Drive for Desktop, Dissenter Browser, Doki Doki Mod Manager, Dusk Player, FontBase, fSpy, Glyphr Studio Desktop, Gmail Desktop (app & tray), Hollow Knight, Houdini FX, MS-DOS, Mednaffe, Rocks'n'Diamonds, Sengi, Tor Browser (Alpha/Nightly), Virtual Desktop Bar (KDE Widget), WPS PDF Reader & symlinks WPS Office 2019, XnConvert & XnSketch

Updated icons:
- XnRetro
- Waterfox

Changes and fixes:
- Fixed icon name for PomoDoneApp

20190720 2 months ago

Added icons:
Xfce Desktop Environment (added missing sizes), KPackageKit Gnome/XFCE, Xterm Mini, USBGuard, Firetool & Firejail, GPSd, MasterPassword, R-Linux, CHIRP, EasyEDA, Spyder IDE, Audio Speakers (for Gnome Control Center), Undertale (Game), FreeTube, mikutter, NetEase Cloud Music (Flatpak), qutebrowser (Flatpak), LibreOffice 6.2 & Chart icon, DevHub, Nighthawk, Diffuse (Music Player) , Buka, Kahla, Altus, ProtonMail (Appimage & Symlink)

Added several symlinks for file formats that GPXSee supports:
- Training Center XML (.tcx)
- Waypoint File (.loc)
- Sigma Log Format (.slf)
- Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer (.fit)
- Flight Recorder Data Format (.igc)
- NMEA 0183 data (.nmea)
- OziExplorer Track Point File (.plt)
- OziExplorer Route File (.rte)
- OziExplorer Waypoint File (.wpt)

Updated icons
- Ubuntu Studio Controls, Plank, KDE Clock Widget, Screenshot icons, GHex

Changes and fixes
- Change icons Five or more & Four in a row

20190708 3 months ago

Added icons:
Barrier, Dead Cells (Game), Frets On Fire (Flatpak), MS Office Online, Metro 2033 Redux (Game), Metro: Last Light Redux (Game), Minecraft (Flatpak), network-wired-activated and network-wired-unavailable status icons, Nheko (Flatpak), PulseAudio Volume Control (Flatpak), Ren'Py, Slay the Spire (Game), Stoken GUI, WhatsApp (Nativefier), WhatsDesk, Xfce4 Color Settings, Xfce4 Fsguard Plugin Warning

Updated icons
Applications Multimedia, DeaDBeeF, Electron, JDownloader, Master PDF Editor, Multimedia Controls (KDE Widget), NetSpeed (KDE Widget), Preferences Desktop Color, Trash icons

Changes and fixes
- fix icons Gmail & Gmail Offline
- fix align logo on Preferences Desktop Default Applications

20190701 3 months ago

Added icons:
360 Browser (beta), AcroLinux, Baba Is You (Game), Baidu Netdisk, Carla & Carla Control, Code OSS, Conky, FAR Manager, Gaupol, gTimeLog, Kitty, Loginized, Nutstore tray icons, weweChat

Updated icons:
Compton, Deluge (app and tray icons), Gnac, Gnome-Do, Kmines, MintSources-Maintenance, Preferences-Activities, Preferences-System-Brightness-Lock, Preferences-Web-Browser-Cookies, Prepos, QMMP, WineMine

Changes and fixes:
Fix blurred archive and extract-archive actions icons

20190615 4 months ago

Added icons:
Calibre (Flatpak), Drill, Foliate, Gisto, gtkOrphan, JProfiler, KVIrc, Notable, org.gnome.Software-symbolic, Oxygen Not Included, Pulse SMS, Save Session (KDE Plasma), TeXmacs, Timetable, Veyon, VNote, VSCodium, Whalebird

Updated icons:
changes-allow, changes-prevent, Citrix Receiver, Instagram, Telegram (app & tray), Tor, VSCode

Changes and fixes:
- Added a lot of icons for KDE Plasma 5.16
- Added distro icons in gnome-control-center for Ubuntu and Fedora
- Changed icon name for Drill
- Fixed icon name for dhcpcd-gtk
- Fixed margins for network-error network-offline icons

20190521 4 months ago

Added icons:
Affinity Designer mime, Alacritty, Ardour v5.12, Aurees, Becalm game, Bitwarden (AppImage), Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, Classic Racers, Encryptr, Etcher (AppImage), Figma, Forager, FreeOffice Suite, GQRX, Gravit Designer mime, Horizon Chase Turbo, IGdm, KDE Frameworks, Killing Floor, LÖVE Game Engine (app & mime icons), MellowPlayer (custom tray icon), Minetime (app & tray), NixNote2 (app & tray), Onionshare, OpenLP, Patchage, Plex, Pop!_OS, Project Zomboid, QasMixer, Remotely, RimWorld, Ripcord, Stacer (AppImage), Strawberry Music Player, SuperCollider IDE, Syncplay, The Ur-Quan Masters, Thunderbird (custom tray icons for FireTray ext), Thunderbolt, ToneLib GFX, ToneLib Jam, ToneLib Zoom, Ubuntu Studio Controls, Vala MIME type, WPA Gui, Wire (AppImage), World of Padman, dhcpcd-gtk, eDEX-UI, qView, web-google-drive, widget-alternatives

Updated icons:
KDEConnect, Onboard, WPS Office, WebTorrent Desktop

Changes and fixes:
Rename onboard icon to onboard-panel for tray

20190501 5 months ago

Added symlinks for new Flatpak apps hosted on FlatHub:
com.meetfranz.Franz, com.unity.UnityHub, com.xnview.XnRetro, com.xnview.XnViewMP, info.mumble.Mumble, jp.yvt.OpenSpades, net.jami.Jami, net.xmind.XMind8, org.hedgewars.Hedgewars, org.kde.dolphin, org.kde.kxstitch, org.shadowsocks.qt5client

Added icons:
4K Stogram, 4K Video Downloader, 4K Video to MP3, 4K YouTube to MP3, Assault Cube Reloaded, audio-card-usb-symbolic, balenaEtcher, Borderlands 2, Celluloid, Door Kickers, Drawing, ElectronMail (app & tray), folder-root, Ghidra, GNOME 2048, java-{10,11,12}-openjdk, Latte plasmoid, LeoCAD, Livepatch, MeterBridge, Private Internet Access, PureRef, QtWebFlix, Shadow (Cloud Gaming Client), show-hidden, Simple Scan, Slic3r Prusa, window-restore-symbolic, YaST

Updated icons:
goa-account-owncloud, Krudio tray icons, Mullvad VPN (app & tray), subtitle mime icon

Changes and fixes:
- Added a hack for Thunar 1.8.0 that fixed size of icons in toolbar
- Added deeporange folder color that suitable to Yaru GTK theme
- Changed icon names for LibreOffice hosted on Flathub
- Fixed amazone-store icon

20190331 6 months ago

Added icons:
Allegorithmic Substance Suite, Brave Browser, Brave Web Browser (dev/nightly), DiRT 4, DockStation, ePDFviewer, Ephoto, Epulse, FontForge (Flatpak), Google Web Designer, Guitarix tray icon, IBus Anthy, Kajongg, KAppTemplate, KBackup, KCachegrind, kDots, KeePassXC action icons, KGraphViewer, KImageMapEditor, Kitematic, KNights, KRecipes, KTimer, KUIViewer, KXStitch, LanguageTool, LMMS (Flatpak), OBS tray icons, OpenAudible, OpenDrive (Flatpak), Optimizer, pgAdmin4, Plexamp, RSIBreak, Simon, Sublime Merge, Substance Launcher, SymbolEditor, Taxi, Todoist Linux, Tomboy (Flatpak), Umbrello, Unity Hub, Void Wizard, Widelands (Flatpak), Yate Client (app and tray icons)
Plasmoid icons:
AppMenu, Device, EqMenu, Keyboard Indicator, Latte Separator, Latte Spacer, Termoid
Updated icons:
application-x-object, Aseprite, Fragments, Hydrogen Drum Machine, Qtractor, Racket and Racket SlideShow icons, Soundnode, Steam (app & tray icons)
Changes and fixes:
- Added missing icons for apps in GNOME 3.32
- Fixed alignment of 16px apps icons for a better experience in vertical docks and panels
- Remove 90grad transform on a lot of rects in apps icons

20190302 7 months ago

clear code on more icons

Added symlinks for new Flatpak apps hosted on Flathub:, com.github.PintaProject.Pinta, com.jetbrains.WebStorm, com.teamspeak.TeamSpeak, com.wings3d.WINGS, com.wps.Office, net.mancubus.SLADE, org.gnome.OCRFeeder, org.phoenicis.playonlinux, org.wireshark.Wireshark

Plasmoid icons:
AlphaBlack Control, Bugzilla, Daily Forecast, Desktop Pager Wheel, Digital Clock BeClock style, File Drawer, GitHub Issues, KDE Connect Device, Public IP Address, Shutdown or Switch, Simple Weather

Added icons:
Akira, Apache Directory Studio, Cacher, Clockify, Cronopete, Cuyo, Emby Server, Freeter, gtklick, GNOME Color Viewer, GNU Backgammon, gxi, GameHub, HiFi, Hotspot, Jellyfin, KRegExpEditor, KTechlab, Lingot, Lyrics, Meet Alva, Meteo, ODrive (app and tray icons), Pacman, Robocraft, SVG Cleaner, Schism Tracker, Simple Terminal, Spec Ops The Line, Tusk, Unison, Void Linux

Updated icons:
GSConnect, KDEConnect, phone, smartphone, and laptop monochrome icons, qBittorrent tray icon, Riot (app and tray icons), Transmission (app and tray icons)

Changes and fixes
- Added indigo folder color
- Added white folder color
- Changed color of screens for devices
- Changed highlight color for monochrome icons
- Increased height of 22/24px gnome-mpv icons
- Pixel align for inkscape
- Removed purple folder color

20190203 8 months ago

Added icons and symlinks for Deepin:
- Deepin Cloud Print
- Deepin Cloud Scan
- Deepin Desktop Environment Introduction
- Deepin Draw
- Deepin Feedback
- Deepin Launcher
- Deepin Manual
- Deepin Movie
- Deepin Remote Assistance
- Deepin Repair Tools
- Deepin Toggle Desktop
- Mime icon for Deepin Clone

Added icons:
ActivityWatch, AllToMP3, Delta Chat, Downline, Ephemeral, Ice, JDeveloper, Jami, Kaku (app and tray icons), Leonflix, LightZone, Linux Mint Software Sources, Megabasterd, Mint Development Settings, Mounted and Unmounted emblems, NFO Viewer, NewBreeze File Manager, PDFArranger, Polo File Manager, PyMOL, Qt V4L2 video capture utility, Raven Reader, RealVNC Viewer, Rename My TV-Series, Screen Recorder, Sonic Visualiser, Stata 14, Timetrack, Trinity Desktop (IOTA Wallet), Universal Media Server, VMD, Vivado Design Suite, WebPlotDigitizer, WiFi Radar, Wings3D, gImageReade, preferences-system-splash, smb4k

Updated icons:
Enpass, Etcher, GNOME MPV (Celluloid), Help Browser, Krita icon, Meld, Minitube, Slack (app & tray), Stremio

Changes and fixes:
- Added attention icons for indicator-kdeconnect
- Differentiate the MessagingMenu tray icon from the xfce4-notifyd tray icon
- Fixed the pixelated sound volume icon on Papirus-Light
- Removed app icon for Qt Designer to fix toolbar icons

20190106 9 months ago

- Added a lot of icons and symlinks for Flatpak packages hosted on Flathub
- Added pink and purple folder color

Added icons:
AVI MetaEdit, Almond, Ark Ecosystem, AssaultCube, BWF MetaEdit, BZFlag, Beaker Browser, Betaflight Configurator, Bladecoder Adventure Editor, BlueJeans, Botfather, Buttercup, Cockatrice, Cointop, Colorpicker, Connectagram, Construo, Cumulonimbus, Cumulonimbus, CuteMaze, DV Analyzer, Datovka, Digital, Dropbox emblems, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, E-Juice-Calc, Eclipse 4DIAC IDE, Electrip, Elliptic Curve Plotter, Engauge Digitizer, Eternal Lands, FCStd mimetype icons, Fillets, Fips, Flippy, GPU Viewer, Gahshomar, GitHub Desktop, Glide, GlxInfo, Gnomit, Google Sites mime icon, Gottet, Goxel, Gpredict, GrafX2, Gst Debug Viewer, Gtranslator, Hardware Probe Tool, HatchPreviewer, Hexalate, Hsiu-Ming's Timer, IconPreview, Infector, JOSM, Kapow, Katawa Shoujo, Klickety, LBRY App, Labyrinth, LibreSprite, Liri, Luakit, MOV MetaEdit, Mark Text, Matrique-go, MediaConch, Moonlight, Movie Monad, Mr. Rescue game, Naev, Natron, Nheko, NixView, Noiz2sa, Noson, NovProg, Nvidiux, ONVIFViewer, OSM Scout Server, OTPClient, OfficeRunner, Olive Video Editor, Oomox, OpenClonk, OpenMW, OpenSCAD, OpenSCAD, Othman, PDF Mix Tool, PDF Slicer, Paperwork, Password Calculator, PasswordSafe, Patchwork, Peg-E, Pencil2D, Pioneer, Piper, Play it Slowly, Poezio, Processing IDE, Pure Maps, Pyzo, QC Tools, Quaternion, RazerGenie, Red Eclipse, Remote Touchpad, Rocket Chat Desktop, RuneLite, Sauerbraten, Scans to PDF, Shattered Pixel Dungeon, Shotcut, Sideka, Simsu, Slingshot, SparkleShare tray icons, Spectral, Speedcrunch, Srain, Syncthing emblems, SynfigStudio, SynfigStudio (AppImage), Syntevo Smart Synchronize, Taisei, Tanglet, TanksOfFreedom, Teo emulator, Tetzle, Textosaurus, The Plan game, Total Chaos game, Tracktion7, Tremotesf, Tremulous, TurtleArt, UberWriter, Unreal editor binaries, VICE, Vuescan, WolfenDoom Blade of Agony, Wolfenstein, YUView, Yahoo Mail (Web App), ZevDocs, Zulip, actions: view-sort icon and several symlinks, adriconf, don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story, evtest-qt, font-viewer, fwupd, i2pd, kNaval Battle, mki3dgame, projectM, rRootage, reMarkable, windstille-0.2, xapp-prefs-*-symbolic

Plasma widgets icons:
System Monitor Dash, Hoppla SA, Tiled Menu, MinimalMenu, Window Title

Updated icons:
Clementine, FS-UAE, Google Chrome Beta, GTK3/4 Widget Factory

Changes and fixes:
- Added Syncthing emblem icons
- Added missing Dropbox emblem icon
- Rename Mullvad icon to mullvad-vpn

20181120 10 months ago

Papirus-Adapta and Papirus-Adapta-Nokto icon themes removed,
Papirus, Papirus-Dark, and Papirus-Light detached from GTK theme colors

Added icons:
Arduino (Flatpak), Audio Recorder (app and tray icons), audio-volume-overamplified-symbolic, Azure Data Studio, Burp Suite Community Edition, Celestia, Clawsker, Code::Blocks mimetypes, DefleMask, Eclipse C/C++ Debugger, Fondo, Freedroid RPG, Fritzing, G Alternatives, IB Trader Workstation, JForex, Music Player Daemon (MPD), Nemiver, Nino, Praat, REAPER, SageMath, SP Flash Tool, Sweet Home 3D (app and mime icons), Sweet Home 3D Furniture Editor, Sweet Home 3D Textures Editor, symbolic icons for GNOME Web Browser (Epiphany), Thinkorswim, Q4Wine, Ultimaker Cura, VeraCrypt tray icon, Warzone 2100 (Flatpak)

Updated icons:
channel-secure-symbolic and channel-insecure-symbolic, Code::Blocks, Double Commander, Dukto, Eclipse, Firefox Aurora, Firefox Developer Edition, FlareGet, Football, Jazz Radio, Juk, kSudoku, Musique, Synaptic package status icons, QGIS

Changes and fixes:
Added audio-volume-* icons to actions as workaround,
Added icons of opened folders for elementaryOS Juno,
Added mimetype icons that are specific to Google Drive API,
Added workaround for folder-saved-search icon in toolbars,
Changed application-xslt+xml symlink to application-xml,
Removed extra icons for Unity Launcher and Unity Tweak Too

Added make test and make test-all tasks,
Makefile: THEMES variable renamed to ICON_THEMES

20181007 1 year ago

Papirus-Adapta and Papirus-Adapta-Nokto icon themes will be removed from the next release
Papirus, Papirus-Dark, and Papirus-Light will be detached from GTK theme colors in the next release

Added 23 emoji icons
Added a lot icons for Fcitx Input Method Framework

Added icons:
AllTray, Ao (app & tray icons), Aseprite, AzPainter, Bitwarden (app & tray icons), Bitwarden (Flatpak), Code - OSS, Crusader Kings II, Denemo, Duplicati, Ekiga, Flameshot tray icon, fman, Frescobaldi, GNOME Podcasts, GNOME standard icons, application-certificate, applications-engineering, appointment-missed, camera-video, computer-fail, emblem-generic, input-dialpad, media-tape, network-cellular-connected, network-wired-disconnected, network-wireless-encrypted, non-starred, printer-network, semi-starred, task-due, task-past-due, trophy-bronze, trophy-gold, trophy-silver, uninterruptible-power-supply, x-office-document-template, x-office-presentation-template, x-office-spreadsheet-template, x-package-repository, daytime-sunrise-symbolic, daytime-sunset-symbolic, font-x-generic-symbolic, preferences-desktop-font-symbolic, preferences-desktop-keyboard-symbolic, Gnethogs, HomeBank (Flatpak), Hook, IRCCloud (app & tray icons), KXStudio apps: Cadence, Catarina, and Catia, Manjaro Notifier Settings, MATE polkit tray icon, mate-panel-separator, Mimetype icons for Krita, MS Office Online, Museeks (tray icon), OpenToonz, pgModeler, Pure Data, QtFM, Sublime Text 2 (AUR package), TuxMath (+ Flatpak symlink), TuxType (+ Flatpak symlink), Unofficial Firefox flatpak repository, VCV Rack, VMware Horizon Client

Updated icons:
Arch Linux Updates Indicator, Chromium Dev, GTK3 Icon Browser, Google Chrome Dev/Beta, NetBeans, Notepadqq, Rambox, Signal Desktop icon, TeamSpeak 3, view-list-text, weather-fog

Changes and fixes:
Added a few symbolic icons for GNOME apps
Added icons for CPU Monitor and Network Monitor Docky docklets
Added missing icons for GNOME panel applets
Several changes in places
Added desktop symlink to 16x16/places
Added folder-saved-search icon
Moved start-here icon from places to panel
Removed 16x16/places/document-open-recent from all except ePapirus
Removed folder-link icon from 16x16/places
Removed user-bookmarks icon from 16x16/places
Renamed bookmarks to user-bookmark
Renamed places/folder-virtual symlink to devices/drive-virtual

20180816 1 year ago

Added icons:
view-media-queue, zone-in, zone-out, Media Player Classic Qute Theater, GitAhead, GRASS, Apache OpenOffice (apps & mimes), xapp-go-history-*-symbolic, media-mount-symbolic, add-files-to-archive-symbolic, extract-archive-symbolic, category-search-symbolic, Cycligent Git Tool, HandBrake actions symlinks, AlienFX, Search icons for xed, view-*-pane-symbolic, xfce-wm-* (16px), com.github.artemanufrij.findfileconflicts, com.github.dahenson.agenda, com.github.eudaldgr.elements, com.github.alcadica.develop, com.github.bartzaalberg.alias, com.github.cassidyjames.clairvoyant, com.github.kjlaw89.archetype, com.github.lainsce.aesop, com.github.muriloventuroso.easyssh, com.github.coralynnmay.goodvibesapp, com.github.artemanufrij.graphui, com.github.mdh34.hackup, com.github.danrabbit.lookbook, com.github.phase1geo.minder, com.github.alcinnz.odysseus, com.github.babluboy.nutty, com.github.timecraft.notifier, com.github.cassidyjames.palette, com.github.alainm23.planner, com.github.cassidyjames.principles, com.github.bleakgrey.transporter, com.github.kjlaw89.webwatcher, com.github.plugarut.pwned-checker, com.github.ronnydo.wammer, GIT GUI, OpenRA icons, Yuzu Emulator, user-online, view-media-subtitles, view-media-subtitles-hidden, Folder pCloud, hardccode-tray icons pCloud, FreeOrion, Sid Meier's Civilization VI, Morpheus, YakYak, Redream, Mcomix toolbar icons, GNOME Internet Radio Locator, Ettercap, QEMU, Nulloy Music Player, Vifm, NIM mimes, DrRacket & Racket Slideshow

Updated icons:
starred symbolic icons, list-add-symbolic and list-remove-symbolic, Epiphany, Krusader

Changes and fixes:
fix some Libre Office icons, fix some actions 16px, moved extra/clementine icons to actions & devices, channel-secure-symbolic, Delete ubuntu-mono-dark icon theme from Inherits

20180720 1 year ago

Added icons:
Add symlinks for missing mimetypes & audio-handset, appointment-soon, Autodesk Eagle, Beyond Compare, Brackets (Flatpak), changes-prevent, Crow Translate, DevDocs (Chrome App), Flare, Font Finder (Flatpak), Friture, GTKWave, Gifcurry, Gitlab & Folder Gitlab, Gitter (Flatpak), Gnac, Gweled, Hiri, Hulu, IBus Hangul Preferences, ibus-keyboard, Infinifactory, Keysign, kitty, KtikZ/QtikZ, Linux Mint Software Sources, luckyBackup, Master PDF Editor 5, More flatpak symlinks, NOS TV (Chrome app), Night Light (eOS Juno), night-light-symbolic, Parlatype, Postman (Flatpak), PyCharm Community Edition (Flatpak), query-free-busy, RuTracker Proxy (tray icon) bilelmoussaoui/Hardcode-Tray, Scratch, Slade, Snes9x, Something for Reddit, Squeak, system-reboot-symbolic elementary/icons, TiLP2, Toki Tori, Tootle, vprerex, Visual Paradigm, Wavebox, xfce4-fsguard (panel icons), Zathura
Updated icons:
Atom Text Editor, KWalletManager, Konversation, League of Legends, preferences-desktop-user-password, Remmina, World of Tanks
Changes and fixes:
- resize network-wireless symbolic & panel (22,24) icons
- Support Indicator KDE Connect old version
- Added a package for ALT Linux

20180601 1 year ago

New uniform for several icons:
Aptana, Bomi, Flickr, HipChat, Kiten, Postr, qWinFF, Rclone Browser, Serviio, Solaar, SoundKonverter, TeamViewer, Vivaldi, Vivaldi Beta

Added icons:
Abrowser, AnyDesk, Bumblebee Status (GNOME extension), Calibre E-Book Viewer, Djvu mime icon, Doom, Doomseeker, DrRacket, Eureka, Exodus Wallet, FileBot, FreeCAD and Scribus, FreeDM, Freedoom: Phase 1, Freedoom: Phase 2, gnome-fs-regular, Golly, IPython, IPython 3, IPython/Jupyter Notebook mime icon, Icedove, J, MakeHuman, mate-eyes-applet, Maxima, Mimetypes for Wolfram Mathematica, Nero Linux & Nero Linux Express, org.gnome.tweaks-symbolic, PCSX2, Paraview Client, PrBoom+, QPS, tray icon, ScreenGrab, Showerthoughts plasmoid, Smooth Video Project (SVP), Tagaini Jisho, TamTam, Thunderbird (Flathub), Ubuntu SSO (GNOME Online Accounts), VidCutter (Flatpak), WPS Office mime icons, Wolfram Player, wxGlade, xfce4-eyes-plugin

Updated icons
Elisa, GuitarPro6, HandBrake, Reddit, Vivaldi

Changes and fixes
- Added mime icons for various location data formats
- Fixed 16x16/panel/bumblebee-indicator.svg icon
- Added bluegrey folder color to match Adapta-BlueGrey(-Nokto) theme from adapta-gtk-theme-colorpack
- Add symbolic suffix to Lock Keys icons

20180501 1 year ago

Added icons:
Ásbrú Connection Manager,, FS-UAE Amiga Emulator, Foobillard++, Fragments, Gens, Gens/GS, GoldenDict (tray icons), Joplin, Kup, Laverna, nemo-bookmark-not-found-symbolic, Notepadqq, OpenJDK 11, Pisi Linux, pCloud, PkgBrowser, Prepos, Rapid Photo Downloader, Rkward, Slic3r, TeXworks, UMLet, Workflowy

Updated icons:
GNOME Contacts, Manjaro logo, Navicat & Navicat PostgreSQL, Plasma Search, Preferences System Search, SearchMonkey, Semaphor, Yaourt-Gui

Changes and fixes:
Added missing icons of JetBrains apps from Jonas Gröger's PPA

20180401 1 year ago

Added icons:
APK Icon Editor, application-x-designer, Blackmagic Fusion 8/9, com.github.bilelmoussaoui.Authenticator, CompuCell3D, Folder GitHub, Fonts mimes (collection, ttf, woff, otf), Gydl, jamovi, KDE widgets icons (Crypto Currency Price, USwitch, Terminal Update, Volume Slider), Lplayer, Mnemosyne, MultiMC, Notes, Oracle JRE 10 and Oracle JDK 10, org.kde.plasma.grouping, Qt Configuration Tool, Qt Dev icons (Creator, Designer, Assistant, Linguist, qDbusViewer), Streamlink Twitch GUI, System Workbench for STM32, Tiny Media Manager, Transmission Remote, Tumbleweed Updater

Updated icons:
Amarok, Applications Development Web, Brave, Chrome/Chromium App List, DRIConf, Deluge, Diffuse, FreeFileSync, GitHub, Itch, Kalzium, Kbreakout, Khangman, Ksquares, Mintnanny, Nutty, PcbNew, Step, System Help

Changes and fixes:
- Colorize some mimes
- Fix icon sizes on index.theme's

20180311 1 year ago

Added icons
GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA), Cutter, OpenRCT2, Signal Desktop (hardcode tray icons), Envelope, Gnonograms, Resizer, Snaptastic, FFADO Mixer, Teleport, SCite editor, Ebook Viewer, Quake saga, Falkon (KDE Browser), Gretl, Python 3 (mime icon), org.gnome.gedit, Metronome, ROSA Image Writer, DrakSec, Userdrake, DockbarX, juCi++, PDFsam Basic, D-Feet, GBrainy, Posterazor, Reactotron, Shadowsocks-Qt5, Comix, GtkHash, RetroPie, Amnesia: The Dark Descent & A Machine for Pigs

Updated icons
Accessories Notes, Mate Inhibit Applet, Netbeans, Visual Studio Code & Visual Studio Code Insiders, FBReader, Xtreme Download Manager, Android Studio, Sayonara

Fixed some icons

Full changelog:

20180214 1 year ago

Updated icons: Clementine (tray icon), gtkpod, MPV, multimedia-player, Pidgin, Psi+, Qt logo, Utilities Tweak Tool, Viber, YaST

Added icons: Bustle, Empathy, Epiphany (game), GSConnect (GNOME Extension), GZDoom, GetIt, Grim Fandango Remastered, HydraPaper, Icon Requests, Jetbrains Toolbox, Kopete, klystrack, LFTP, Media Player Indicator (GNOME Extension), mtPaint, Nutstore, openBVE, org.gajim.Gajim, org.gnome.tweaks, org.zotero.Zotero, Psi, PulseEffects, PyChess, Trelby, Vacuum-IM, WickrMe

Full changelog:

20180201 1 year ago

Added icons:
ArgoUML, Bisq, BlueJ, Bridge Constructor Portal, Cipher, Dippi, EtherApe, Etherwall, Evernote (Chrome app), Fractal, GHex (org.gnome.ghex), GoLand, Harddrake2, Internet DJ Console (Idjc), Kerbal Space Program, Keybase tray icons, LSHW, Manjaro Architect, Manjaro Hello, Marker, Meld (org.gnome.meld), Min Browser, Monilet, OpenBazaar, Photo Viewer (com.github.artemanufrij.showmypictures), quickDocs, Recoll, ResidualVM, Rosa Update, SABnzbd+, SC Controller, Symbolic icons for Arch/Manjaro Update (Gnome extension), Translator (com.github.rapidfingers.translator), Twinkle, WebTorrent (io.webtorrent.WebTorrent), XFCE4 Session, Yad Icon Browser
Updated icons:
AdVenture Capitalist, Caffeine, Downloader Arrow, Godot Engine, Google Agenda, Google Drive, Kvantum, MS Office icons, Preferences System Time, Rock Radio, System Software Update, Ubiquity, Yarock Player, office-calendar & x-office-calendar, qBittorrent, xfce4-whiskermenu
Full changelog:

20180116 1 year ago

Change license from LGPL v3 to GNU GPL v3

Redesign icons:
Printer, Scanner, SpiderOakONE, Torcs, Audio Input Microphone, Gmail, Gmail Offline, Twitter, Accessories Character Map, KRFB, Yandex Browser, GTK 3 Demo, KDEnLive

New icons:
Luminance HDR, Speed Dreams, Wargus, Stargus, Neverball, Neverputt, Translit, Regex Tester, Mupen64 Plus, Zanshin, Gcompris Edit, Elisa Music Player, XnViewMP, FAHControl, Flameshot, HubStaff, Planetary Annihilation: TITANS, Factorio, ScummVM, ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Stunt Rally, VDrift, Unturned, Stardew Valley, The Talos Principle, Sakura Dungeon, DVD Styler, Wallpapoz

- Global change WHITE background color from #cccccc to #e4e4e4
- Change status icon nmes for kdeconnect-indicator

Full Changelog:

20171223 1 year ago

New icons:
Bookmark Manager, Bookworm, Bos Wars, Bottles, Calibre (tray icon), Charles Proxy, Chore, Christmas Tree, Chromium-dev Web Browser, Cinelerra, Clipped, Coin, Comic Sticks, Crack-Attack, Date Countdown, DayJournal, Discord (tray icons), Easypass, EVE Online Launcher for Linux, Exchange, Extreme Tux Raccer, Firefox Developer Edition, Football, Frets On Fire and FoFiX, Go For It!, GPXSee, GPX Viewer, Harvey, Image Optimizer, kalu, LibreOfficeDev 6.0, Lottery, LTris, mintreport, MuseIC, News (, Nsight Eclipse Edition, NVIDIA Visual Profiler, Openbox, Oracle JDK 9, Pannini, Performous, Persepolis (tray icon), pgAdmin 4, PHP Tester, Pingus, P.S. Notes., Pushy, QGIS, Qjoypad, Quotes, RocketChat (hardcode tray icons), Sanctum 2, Sequeler, Shutdown Scheduler, SimpleScreenRecorder (empty tray icons), SiriKali, spacemacs_, Spice-Up, Stride Desktop Client, Subsurface, Sudoku, superProductivity, Swatches, Tint2, Tranqil, Tusk (app and tray icons), URM Simulator, ValaCompiler, Viber (Flatpak), Visual Studio Code Insiders, wordpad (2EF4_wordpad.0), Yishu, Zoom
Updated icons:
Birdie, Choqok, Corebird, Money Manager Ex, SVG mime, TeamViewer
Full changelog:

20171124 1 year ago

- Added papirus-folders a tool for changing the color of folders system-wide:
- Juicy Color MOD for other icons
- Add folder-teal versions (Manjaro color)

Redesign apps:
Epiphany, GNOME Tweak Tool, Gnome, Git, Openshot, Synapse, OCS-Store, Vim, Zim, aMule, Ruby mime, Weather

Added icons:
Wolphram Mathematica, Auryo, Feedindicator, Fiji, IceCat, LibreCAD, PPA Extender, ImageJ, ProtonMail Desktop, R-Studio (R-Tools Technology Inc.), Revolt, Tegaki Recognize, gDevilspie, Warzone 2100, Xcas, aLinkCreator, dmd/phobos documentation, StepMania, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, artemanufrij.playmyvideos

Full changelog:

20171102 1 year ago

- Global Juicy Color MOD
- New design for: Audacity, Cantata app and panel icons, Clementine, Deja-Dup, Dropbox, Popcorn Time, qutIM, SimpleScreenRecorder, Standard Notes, Temps
- Add some new apps icons

Full changelog:

20171007 2 years ago

Added 16px panel icons #216
Update colored folders #754 #759
Complete support for Folder Color v0.0.80 and newer. Drop support for Folder Color v0.0.79 and older #557 #759
Added violet color of folders. Complete support for dolphin-folder-color #761
Deleted elementaryOS-specific symlinks from all themes except ePapirus 1. Deleted 22px panel icons from ePapirus #785
Now Papirus Light is compatible with Breeze theme #789

Full changelog:

20170921-fix 2 years ago

- upload archive for KDE Settings browser

20170921 2 years ago

- Added Papirus-Adapta and Papirus-Adapta-Nokto. These are a special version for Adapta-gtk-theme and Adapta KDE.
- This release is the last release with Folder Color (<= v0.0.79) support. The next release will only support Folder Color v0.0.80 and newer.
- full changelog here:

20170828 2 years ago

Redesign icons:
Firefox, Firefox Trunk (Nightly) and added alt version, Tor Browser, Gimp, minor fixes for Google Chrome, Chromium & Gpodder

New icons:
Opera Beta, WordPress, Webpin, SRWare Iron Browser, BUM, SportsTracker, Screencast, QtPass, Tranqil, Trello (Chrome App), Hashit, Byobu, Synology Cloud Station Drive, AppEditor, Torrential, Yubico apps, Mellow Player, Netease Cloud Music, Unreal Engine 4, HTTrack, JetBrains Rider & Gogland, Code, Monitor, Waterfox, Brackets-Electron, Hyper, Samba-GUI, BlueGriffon, Logisim, Dash, Terminus, Formatter, Numptyphysics

Added Liferea tray icons for Hardcode-Tray
Added Rhythmbox tray icons for Hardcode-Tray
Added panel icon for Mate msd-xrandr-manager
Added googledrive symlink for Clementine
Fixed disk-usage-analyzer icon
Fixed wrong width/height in symbolic icons
Added complete support for BSD systems to Papirus Installer

20170804 2 years ago

New features:
Updated style of mime icons
Redesign devices with material colors (steel, aluminum, plastic)
Change global "black" color for apps to #4f4f4f

New/redesign icons:
Thunderbird Mail, Rocket League, network-workgroup, applications-featured, flatpak mimes, application-x-bittorrent mime, application-x-iso9660-appimage mime, freeBSD, Karim, Ark and archives icons, Diablo II Lord of Destruction, Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Eric Python IDE, Fern Wifi Cracker, Frozen Bubble, Giggle, Guitarix, Julia, KNemo, League of Legends, Lollypop symbolic icon, MAT, Mintupload, Mp3splt-gtk, Nmap, PomoDoneApp (Hardcode Tray support), Qsampler, Qsynth, razerCommander, reddit, SmartGit, Starbound, To The Moon, Transmission tray and symbolic icons, Update start-here-kde and start-here-symbolic icons, Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard, XHydra, Coypu, DevDocs, Albion Online, BlockOut II, Brave, Kobo Deluxe, Linphone, Litecoin Core - Wallet, Lugaru, M.A.R.S., Minetest, Added Xfburn action and media icons, Psensor tray icons and more etc

Gnome symbolic icons:
Caffeine, Freon, Sensors, Internet Radio, Lollypop, system-file-manager

Added icons:
more FlatHub apps, Image Burner, org.gnome.Nautilus-symbolic, Pianoteq, SmartGit/Hg, Tux Racer, Added and fixed a lot of mime icons, Added Xfburn action and media icons, LibreOffice 6.0, some Steam games and etc

Fixed icons:
grsync.svg and system-software-update.svg, Minuet, Spotify, Stremio, xine, Fixed some media-optical icons, Replaced a few mime icons by symlinks, Cleanup place icons

20170715 2 years ago

New design for the following icons #524:
4kslideshowmaker, airvpn, albert, babe, bandcamp, bomber, code-insiders, com.github.donadigo.eddy, crashplan, dconf-editor, evnc, fritzing, gconf-editor, gnome-nibbles, grsync, jabref, kicad,, ms-excel, ms-powerpoint, ms-word, nvidia, system-software-update, trillian, visual-studio-code, xorg, yanadex-disk
New icons:
Added some mime icons: CAD #547 #548, Certificate, Changelog, CSV, Go Lang, Gzip, Haskell, ICC, Lua, Markdown, MATLAB, Octave, Ruby, Rust #532, Scala, SquashFS
applications-accessories #518, applications-haskell #530, applications-utilities, Armagetron Advanced #515, Astromenace #530, Bibletime #527 536, Blobby Volley 2 #523, Curlew, Desmume #530, drive-multidisk, Easystroke #545, Electrum Litecoin Wallet #515, Ethereum Wallet #516, Exaile tray icons, FreeCiv and FreeCiv Server #515, Gnome-Pie tray icon #549, GNS3 #521, Kdenlive #527, KeePassX #524, Krunner, Kube, Kubeplayer, League of Legends #408, libinput-gestures #546, Manaplus #530, MilkyTracker, Moneydance #515, MonoDevelop #517, Network-Modem, Open Cubic Player, PAC #540, Peerunity #515, Persepolis #507, phpMyAdmin #544, Pragha tray icons #512, PuTTY #520, SecureCRT #539, SoundWire Server #505, Super Meat Boy #408, Synergy tray icons #543, uGet app and tray icons #526, Unknown Horizons #515, Updated Mail.Ru Cloud icons, Updated Skype notification tray icons, Updated Yandex Disk icons, Updated YouTube and YouTube-DL icons, VVVVVV #535, Wesnoth #530, Windows distributor logo #509, Xiphos #513
Added icons: IntelliJ IDEA UE Bundled JRE #514, LibreOffice 5.4, lightdm-settings #538, Mixxx #519, NeovimGtk #550, Wire-Desktop
Fixed icons:, Crossover, Dropbox, easyMP3Gain, Flacon, indicator-virtual-box, JuK, KFolderSync, Kid3, Musique, Picard, Plasma, pomodoro-start-light, Qmmp, Rhythmbox, Spotify, text-x-hex, user-desktop, Vectr, Xt7-Player, Deleted Mega icon from panel, Fixed charging battery icon in Pantheon #522, Fixed filenames of Syncthing tray icons, Fixed some 16px apps icons, Fixed video-players icons, Replaced transmission-tray-icon to a symlink

Added Claws Mail themes

20170610 2 years ago

New icons

Babe (kde player)
Boostnote #425
Citrix Receiver (Chrome App) #455
CrossWorks for ARM #421
Entagle #430
Fcitx Sogou Pinyin #424
Gitter tray icons #471
Godot Engine #454
Google Photos (Chrome App)
Groovy #439
Haroopad #429
KDESvn #397
KeeWeb #449
Keybase #478
KeePassXC #428
KMyMoney #384
Lazarus IDE #447
Modem Manager GUI #448
Nimbus #480
OpenTTD #395
PDF-Shuffler #474
Persepolis #442
PokerTH #479
Qalculate! #348
Quilter #480
RHEL and CentOS #360
Selene Media Encoder #482
Standard Notes #457
TeamSpeak #458
Vectr and Vectr Chrome App #380
Wine File Browser #378
Wine Minesweeper #378
Wine Regedit #378
YacReader and YacLibrary #465

Added icons

Emacs25 and Emacs snapshot #469
Glade mimetype icon #461
JDK #445 #446
Notejot #480
nvim and pynvim #444
rxvt-unicode terminal #456
Sakura #466
Tomato #480
Vocal #480
xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin #464

Fixed icons

Fixed network-manager-applet cellular icons #476
GNOME Contacts system76/pop-icon-theme#2

Added some missed icons for deepin Desktop

20170219 2 years ago

New features

Add Manjaro repo

New icons

4K Slideshow Maker #345
MakeMKV #342
Xournal #340

Added icons

Mozilla Build of Firefox #344

Fixed icons

Global fixed CSS's (thx SmartFinn)
Fixed wrong colors in KDE color scheme #343
Fix some clementine icons
rename hardcoded cisco icons

20170218 2 years ago

New features
Folder Color support #337

New icons
applications-utilities redesign
Caffeine tray icons redesign
Chrome Web Store, Chrome Web Store Payments #309
Cisco AnyConnect Client #313
Conky Manager #325
firewall-config #308
FLUID #318
FocusWriter #329
FontForge #315
GNOME Break Timer #320
mkvinfo #306
moserial Terminal #334
nip2 #307
PushBullet for Desktop #310
PushBullet tray icons
Rclone Browser #327
Rocket.Chat #339
Sigil #330
Slingscold #304
Stacer #328
StarUML #316
VBA-M (VisualBoyAdvance) #332
Viking #319
Yaourt-GUI #317

Added icons
FeedReader #336
GNOME Twitch #323
QtIcon #331
Transmission Remote GUI #324
transmission-remote-gtk #335
Yum Extender (DNF) #333

Fixed icons
TortoiseHg, thg

Add Solus to an unofficial packages list

20170118 2 years ago

- change versioning scheme
- add support daily PPA
- redesign folders, system-file-mananger, caja-actions, scantailor
- new colors for folders
- more colors for places icons
- new icons boinc, geogebra, wordpad-wine, dolphin-emu, pdfchain, vidcutter
- symlinks caprine
- fix knetattach, network-wireless panel icons

2017.01.14-r745 2 years ago

- redesign indicator-keyboard-*, steam icons, firefox
- add beta and dev icons for chrome, firefox, vivaldi
- new completed JetBrains icons
- new icons xmind, ndm, gnome-twofactorauth, google-docs, google-agenda, genymotion-player, synfig_icon, electron, gpk-log, gnome-appfolders-manager, photofilmstrip
- symlinks google-youtube, google-gdrive, org.gnome.ChromeGnomeShell, org.gnome.Lollypop, org.gnome.Games, gtk4-widget-factory
- add categories symlinks
- fix folder-mail, Temps, application-x-executable, clamav, calendar, rstudio
- fix wrong color Text CSS on ePapirus panel
- fix tray icon btsync-gui-paused
- hardcoded-tray record-desktop, vivaldi-tray

20170109 2 years ago

- add Papirus-Light icon theme
- new icons whatsapp, draftsight, opera-developer, zegrapher, TeighaViewer, peek, pragha, RetroArch, Temps, zotero, lyricfier, insomnia, gtk4-demo, asc-de
- redesign tray icons ssr & kazam
- hardcode-tray icons hangouts, wechat, whatsapp, fix gpmdp-tray
- other fixes

2K17 2 years ago

- new icons tux, gtkpod, openspades, blueberry
- fix GP6-icon, sound-juicer
- some actions/notifications/status bluetooth icons
- some fixes

20161228 2 years ago

- Add devices 64px
- Add app icons exmplayer, livewallpaper
- Redesign poedit, avatar-default
- Actions icons for poedit
- Fix strokes on some icons
- Support hardcoded-tray harmony, google-play-music-desktop-player

product-maker icaru52 21 hours ago 10 the best
10 the best There is not a single icon in this pack that I dislike.
product-maker folgui Oct 09 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker akwala Sep 27 2019 10 the best
10 the best I've tried many icon themes and found Papirus to be the most comprehensive. It's also quite elegant.
product-maker imperhelp Sep 22 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker fla15 Sep 17 2019 8 great
8 great
product-maker rainerhg7 Sep 16 2019 10 the best
10 the best. :-D Please, add a mx-tools category icon. Thank you!
product-maker Sourav Aug 31 2019 7 good
7 good - Missing many icons: 1. Missing icons for programming languages like Ruby, Perl, Crystal, etc. 2. Missing distribution icons for BlackArch Linux, Raspbian, Kali Linux etc. 3. Missing icons for applications like waterfall.
product-maker MoonDragon Aug 25 2019 8 great
8 great
product-maker sinamobasheri Aug 22 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker Goor111 Aug 18 2019 10 the best
10 the best x-varlesh-x Спасибо за великолепный набор иконок, лучший и самый полный на мой взгляд! Спасибо не только за иконки, но и за другие Ваши работы (темы и т.д.), их качество просто великолепно!!!
product-maker solandrew Aug 18 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker iboyperson Aug 10 2019 10 the best
This icon theme is always being update and has some of the best coverage I have seen
product-maker bealsc Jul 30 2019 10 the best
10 Awesome! Nice, consistent and comprehensive. The only issue I found is papirus-folders script does not change the icon color for folder-wine in debian 10 (which is using 20190203 version, this may or may not be fixed more recent update). Also, would like to see a more Papirus styled icon for lbreakout2, doom 3 and doom 3 resurrection of evil. Thanks for all the great work!
product-maker genderbee Jul 30 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker obafe Jul 25 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker NickLion Jul 22 2019 10 the best
Used it a lot, one of the best icon theme.
product-maker radexkde Jul 22 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker truckerzer0 Jul 20 2019 10 the best
10 the best 10 the best Simply the best choice among the icon packs, I am more and more in love with every release! I can ask if possible to have an icon for MS-DOS 6.22 virtual machine like "distributor-logo" icon, since I usually have different desktop launchers for my virtual machines, and one is MS-DOS; Thanks for you effort, keep up the beautiful work!
product-maker opendesktopper Jul 12 2019 10 the best
10 the best The trash icon looks gorgeous now. Wonderful blue-gray colour. Fat when it's full, slim when empty, brilliant! I really like it. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!
product-maker migzulk Jul 11 2019 10 the best
10 the best!!! Simply wonderful!!!
product-maker l4k1 Jul 09 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker tarma Jul 02 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker trintrava Jul 02 2019 10 the best
10 the best Is that possible to change "Color Profiles" to more "Papirus theme style" in next release?
product-maker joaogma Jul 01 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker on3xyzZ Jun 27 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker eliana Jun 17 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker andyt-dev Jun 17 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent - love it. Beautiful icons.
product-maker skahbo23 Jun 16 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker Cybernix Jun 11 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker touchstone Jun 03 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker zolix May 30 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker zayronXIO May 26 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker yours May 26 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker skydrive1 May 23 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker giuliv May 22 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker tobaj May 22 2019 10 the best
10 the best!
product-maker ju1464 May 22 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker migue May 22 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker rokre22 May 22 2019 10 the best
product-maker siphomateke May 21 2019 10 the best
Beautiful, flat and consistent icon theme that has icons for almost everything in existence. The dark version works particularly with dark UI themes.
product-maker jocixlinux May 21 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker fkorpsvart May 18 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker AV1Aca May 15 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker gotroot May 15 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker avil25 May 15 2019 10 the best
product-maker aparichit May 15 2019 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker nightangel May 09 2019 9 excellent
product-maker dan9er May 07 2019 9 excellent
+Clean and elegant. My only issue is the Firefox icon. The colors look dull.
product-maker komer May 04 2019 9 excellent
+ Love it! It's vibrant. It has folder color options. It has light/dark versions. It respects original app icon's shape. That's all I need from an icon pack.
product-maker allallston Apr 26 2019 9 excellent
+ I always return to this icon set as my favorite. Great work.
product-maker sbog Apr 20 2019 9 excellent
product-maker tomjedusor Apr 15 2019 9 excellent
+ In my opinion, the best icon theme. An amazing and great job ! I don't why but it's the only theme i can know what is the program only checking the icon : without having to read the description. Isn't it the role of a an icon theme after all ???
product-maker rabi3 Apr 01 2019 9 excellent
product-maker illvart Apr 01 2019 9 excellent
+The best icon pack!
product-maker scholar Mar 29 2019 9 excellent
product-maker novomente Mar 21 2019 9 excellent
product-maker cubezero Mar 20 2019 9 excellent
product-maker Luwx Mar 11 2019 9 excellent
product-maker arzardk Mar 03 2019 9 excellent
product-maker iya30n Mar 03 2019 9 excellent
product-maker maaroo Feb 25 2019 9 excellent
product-maker malysps Feb 21 2019 9 excellent
One of my favourites, that's for sure.
product-maker dwisatriow Feb 16 2019 9 excellent
product-maker stroum Feb 10 2019 9 excellent
product-maker kiloburn Feb 04 2019 9 excellent
+ Wonderful icon theme! Thanks for adding Focuswriter a while back!
product-maker Psifidotos Jan 31 2019 9 excellent
product-maker bailsafe Jan 23 2019 9 excellent
+ Very good icons. A few missing on Deepin (Launcher, Deepin Music, Deepin Screenshot, Graphics Driver Manager, Cloud Print, Remote Scanner) but a very cohesive and stunning pack nonetheless.
product-maker domryba Jan 13 2019 9 excellent
product-maker vinceliuice Jan 07 2019 9 excellent
product-maker jukswede Jan 07 2019 9 excellent
product-maker sdmf Jan 06 2019 9 excellent
product-maker pondogor Jan 05 2019 9 excellent
product-maker syahdaromansyah Dec 25 2018 9 excellent
product-maker matefreire Dec 08 2018 9 excellent
product-maker loachqueen Nov 28 2018 9 excellent
product-maker hackan301 Nov 21 2018 9 excellent
product-maker dan1lov Nov 20 2018 9 excellent
product-maker bl4ckb1rd Nov 20 2018 9 excellent
+nice eOS icon theme
product-maker kiminosusei Nov 19 2018 9 excellent
+ My favorite icons ever.
product-maker nuxxd Oct 17 2018 9 excellent
product-maker marianarlt Oct 15 2018 9 excellent
+Keep it going :)
product-maker RadRussianRus Oct 07 2018 9 excellent
product-maker Mumrik Oct 07 2018 9 excellent
product-maker el-cacto Sep 28 2018 9 excellent
+Aesthetic. Thank you very much for the hard work!
product-maker cisilio Sep 21 2018 9 excellent
product-maker muhammadiqbalafandi Sep 17 2018 9 excellent
product-maker IngoBongo Aug 30 2018 9 excellent
very god choice!!
product-maker donnisnoni95 Aug 10 2018 9 excellent
product-maker muribordignon Aug 07 2018 9 excellent
product-maker Inaztm Aug 07 2018 9 excellent
product-maker satt294 Jul 28 2018 9 excellent
product-maker SIrGreek Jul 22 2018 9 excellent
product-maker imbicile Jul 18 2018 9 excellent
product-maker eligossitri Jul 17 2018 9 excellent
product-maker atimus Jun 30 2018 9 excellent
product-maker csfpmomo May 27 2018 9 excellent
product-maker dykow May 24 2018 9 excellent
product-maker Kaiz May 12 2018 9 excellent
it So pretty Look in Gnome.
product-maker paulxfce May 12 2018 9 excellent
a + for working on this tremendous icon theme
product-maker fritz5 Feb 21 2018 3 bad
product-maker mese79 Feb 16 2018 9 excellent
product-maker izzzy Feb 11 2018 3 bad
product-maker teleseseno Jan 30 2018 9 excellent
product-maker 2lmes Jan 13 2018 9 excellent
product-maker xfcegure Jan 12 2018 3 bad
product-maker fracaburda Dec 06 2017 3 bad
product-maker SinaCutie Dec 02 2017 9 excellent
Went to download these beautiful icons and realised that they are used by default in Solus! Win!
product-maker reorr Nov 29 2017 9 excellent
product-maker lexcher Nov 25 2017 9 excellent
product-maker samartnik Nov 24 2017 9 excellent
product-maker thegrublord Nov 24 2017 9 excellent
Probably the best icon theme on Linux currently
product-maker lEgreNte Nov 09 2017 9 excellent
product-maker 1E1E1E Nov 07 2017 9 excellent
product-maker TuxTux Nov 02 2017 9 excellent
Colors are life! =)
product-maker Madkita Nov 01 2017 9 excellent
product-maker markotikvic Oct 28 2017 9 excellent
Great looking. It's obvious that a lot of work has been put into this. Fantastic job.
product-maker imnotreallyhere Oct 26 2017 9 excellent
product-maker Bruno196 Oct 23 2017 9 excellent
product-maker malte-ketelsen Oct 15 2017 9 excellent
Almost every day an update, good work!
product-maker leirbag Oct 14 2017 9 excellent
product-maker wakaka Oct 06 2017 9 excellent
product-maker murat-cileli Sep 27 2017 9 excellent
Best icon theme. EVER.
product-maker Polesz Sep 24 2017 9 excellent
product-maker meattits Sep 21 2017 9 excellent
product-maker Ushinnary Sep 16 2017 9 excellent
product-maker fabianalexis Sep 03 2017 9 excellent
product-maker matafleur Sep 03 2017 9 excellent
product-maker Fargo Aug 28 2017 9 excellent
Love this icon set. But I do wish the stock folder color was orange or maybe yellow. The blue folders clash with the breeze color scheme of KDE. I think orange or yellow would be a better stock color since it would blend better with both Breeze in Plasma and Adwaita in Gnome apps.
product-maker burlaka Aug 27 2017 9 excellent
product-maker dyttiterif Aug 25 2017 9 excellent
product-maker AHmedia Aug 10 2017 9 excellent
product-maker molko Aug 09 2017 9 excellent
nice theme!
product-maker michaldybczak Aug 06 2017 9 excellent
product-maker freelancer96 Aug 02 2017 3 bad
product-maker morphis Jul 26 2017 9 excellent
product-maker linsinn Jul 26 2017 9 excellent
product-maker clintiii Jul 13 2017 9 excellent
product-maker Funn Jul 05 2017 9 excellent
product-maker muk04 Jul 02 2017 9 excellent
I love this Icons. Great work!
product-maker pboiko Jun 19 2017 9 excellent
product-maker Broli Jun 06 2017 9 excellent
product-maker qtuancr261 Jun 03 2017 9 excellent
product-maker AlbieRWang May 31 2017 9 excellent
product-maker sebelk May 08 2017 9 excellent
product-maker Kevlar Apr 13 2017 9 excellent
product-maker SupremeTamer Apr 13 2017 9 excellent
product-maker xfcemast3 Apr 04 2017 9 excellent
product-maker luiswoo Mar 10 2017 9 excellent
product-maker nijosan Mar 07 2017 9 excellent
product-maker nick-99 Mar 01 2017 9 excellent
product-maker dayfuaim Feb 21 2017 9 excellent
product-maker rosenrot Feb 18 2017 9 excellent
product-maker aram Feb 03 2017 9 excellent
product-maker meliafaro Jan 19 2017 9 excellent
product-maker amorpher Jan 19 2017 9 excellent
product-maker intro18 Jan 18 2017 9 excellent
product-maker alibaba2 Jan 18 2017 3 bad
product-maker Hifipunk Jan 17 2017 9 excellent
product-maker krlosbolado Jan 15 2017 9 excellent
product-maker cinnamoner Jan 15 2017 9 excellent
product-maker xindelar Jan 12 2017 9 excellent
product-maker dindinG41TR3 Jan 09 2017 9 excellent
product-maker Art-2 Jan 04 2017 9 excellent
product-maker vottavaar Dec 31 2016 9 excellent
product-maker hgmtnd Dec 29 2016 9 excellent
product-maker dergnome Dec 26 2016 3 bad
product-maker qtnerd Dec 26 2016 3 bad
product-maker malcomz Dec 26 2016 3 bad
product-maker Ghostdmn Dec 25 2016 9 excellent
product-maker EgaAirlangga Dec 25 2016 9 excellent
product-maker cumeja Dec 24 2016 9 excellent
product-maker Tiboriyo Dec 23 2016 9 excellent
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