Flamebird -- a Flaming Greybird-based XFCE Theme


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I made Flamebird from Greybird, a theme based on Bluebird. Why should I modify the already awesome Greybird? Well, here are the reasons.

> By replacing blue hover and active background with orange, the desktop situation will be more apparent, hopefully.
> The grey selected and active background on Windows Button is also replaced with orange, for clearer visual hint.
> The orange also finds its way to Panel plugins.
> The orange doesn't even miss GTK3 applications to ensure consistency.

How to Activate Flamebird
Extract the contents of the archives to ~/.themes so the overall structure will be like this.

> Flamebird
>> gtk-2.0
>> gtk-3.0
>> metacity-1
>> unity
>> xfce-notify-4.0
>> xfwm4

Normally, ~/.themes is hidden so you might need to show the hidden directories and files. Create the directory if there is no ~/.themes in your system.

Go to Settings and you can set Appearance, Notifications, and Window Manager to Flamebird.

I found that Flamebird doesn't apply to applications requiring root access, e.g. Synaptic, GtkOrphan, and Y PPA Manager. To apply Flamebird to these applications, copy Flamebird not to ~/.themes but to /usr/share/themes instead.


11 months ago


I've tried to use this theme on Rasbian Stretch (with xfce) but after I installed and applied the theme, the interface resemble Windows95.....
Is there any special package to install for this theme to work?




11 months ago

I really don't know, Laura, I'm not familiar to system other than Xubuntu.

In my case, the theme fails for packages that require root, like Synaptic. To enable Flamebird on such packages, you should copy the theme files to system, as explained in the description.


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