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I wanted to create a theme for Fedora, that looks great and is ready to install just after a fresh install of Fedora. So there are no dependencies to be fullfilled other than a functioning install of Fedora 14.

In the downloaded file you find icon- and gtk-themes.

Extract the GTK-Theme to \\\\\\\"~/.themes/\\\\\\\" and the Icon-Theme to \\\\\\\"~/.icons/\\\\\\\".

This theme is made up mostly of other Icon-Sets and other Themes, i just selected and colored and shaped a few icons. I remember taking graphics and code from Elementary-Icon-Theme, Gnome-Colors-Brave, Clearlooks-More GTK, Clearlooks Revamp GTK.

This is the first release, please help me to better the themes look and usability by writing down bugs and other stuff that is helpful. And please be kind, this is my first work!

Known Bugs:
- Metacity Theme needs to be finished for maximized windows
- play, pause etc. buttons need unified color theme
- a ton of other things
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