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This is the single monitor render of the picture I put up yesterday. It took longer to get done than I expected because some things had to be changed to match the new resolution.

Just for clerification sake the AFK means Away From Keyboard, which is the only time you see the desktop on my computer.

Any way it was done in Blender3D using the Yafray renderer, and took 2 hours 6 minutes to render on my dual opteron gaming rig.... stupid computer I almost missed a year of college paying for it ;-)



15 years ago

Hey, I also want a dual CPU opteron :)

Seriously, how much did it cost you? Does it have 2 CPUs or one dual-core?

According to your WP - it's very nice, but the letters are almost unreadable (blending with the background). Was it made intensionally?




15 years ago

The specs for my machine are:

2x Opteron 244
4x Kingston DDR 333 ECC 512 stick (quad channel, do to the Opteron memory controller)
1x Tyan K8WE
1x BFG 7800GTX OC
1x Asus 6200 (never buy asus!)

3x 17" monitors *(I got these for free though)*

Total cost for just the tower, ~3700CAD... Explaining to they parents why they must now pay my tuition: Priceless!

As for the picture, I know the collors blend in a bit to much. I am very much new to this and I am really only doing it because no one else makes and tri-monitor desktop images.

Thats what you get from a Mechanical Engineering student ;-)



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