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This is my little tribute to -surely- the most remarkable intellectual of my country in the XX century. The photography is taken form an old piece of newspaper, and touched with the clone stamp tool (gimp) to expand the two main zones (black and white) of the background. This way we obtain a nice paper effect. After only added that sepia tint and the letters. That's all. Some info about Joan Fuster taken from the wikipedia (

"[...] A very substantial part of Fuster's work has to do with themes related with the Valencian Country and, more concretely, with his social peculiarities, policies and cultural. Is a group of articles that they grow from the moral position and policy, committed, of the writer with his land and with his time. A long of his intellectual trajectory he had to overcome several adversities: Censure, official and officious hostile acts, lack of resources, absence of cultural propitious environment, silence of mass media of the Valencian Country. In the sixties of century XX his work became more incisive and polemic, what took him to exercise of intellectual of leafy and efficacious incidence. In 1962 published "Nosaltres the valencians" ( We the Valencian ), [...] one authentic revulsive among conservative sectors of the Valencian society. The author was object of menaces and they culminated the "Falles" of next year with a burning a "ninot" representing the Fuster's efígie.[...]

His historic significance has been so remarkable that can be talked to from our present-day perspective of one before and one after this work in any reference to the culture and the national conscience of the Valencian Country."
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