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prelude-4-tm_mod by theMuspilli
Minimalistic window theme for Xfce

based on prelude-dfr-0.5 for xfwm4 by defer

which in return is based on prelude-4 xfwm4 theme made by atrxx

Best to be placed in ~/.themes. There you can make your own modifications without needing su rights.

I liked the minimal look of the original theme by atrxx, appreciated that defer made a darker version, but missed the full button set. Thus I sat down and made the next version. ;-)

shade-, hide-, pin-, maximise-button and show their color upon hovering them.

shade-, pin- and maximise-button show their slightly dimmed color when toggled.

Should you get mad trying to resize windows, just remember that you can also resize them by holding the Alt-Key and dragging with Mousebutton 2 (usually the right button). Apart from that I would recommend to use hotkeys for hiding, shading, pinning, maximising and closing windows. This theme is designed to save some space, not to provide good clicking targets.

Also please remember that using this theme you do not see the window title in the titlebar. Especially for those who shade their windows a lot this might be an issue.
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5 years ago

06.04.2016 Initial release

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5 years ago

06.04.2016 Initial release

product-maker Moatib Apr 07 2016 9 excellent
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