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I was tired of trying different themes that did not work with XFCE correctly. So, I took a nice theme, and fixed it, and added some custom graphics.

This theme works 4 me with OpenOffice, Firefox, Opera, Seamonkey, the Mines game, panels stretch correctly, panel buttons highlight correctly, I CAN READ THE TEXT FONTS with menubars!!!!!

What you need (also in readme file):
Install: GTK+ 2.x, Clearlooks, Pixbuf engine or loaders
Install: Echo-Icon-Theme (Not necessary, but works well with theme)

Copy XFCE-Works4Me folder in your themes directory (/usr/share/themes)
Select XFCE-Works4Me from Settings > Appearance > Style

Copy XFWM-Works4Me folder in your themes directory
Select XFWM-Works4Me from Settings > Window Manager > Style

I do not plan to fix any bugs. I will more than likely never reply to any comments. I thought it would be nice to share something that's hard to find on this site....an actual theme that works on XFCE. This is it...the final version! If you want to add anything to the theme...its yours!

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9 years ago

Took out the blue menubar in OpenOffice, Firefox.

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9 years ago

Took out the blue menubar in OpenOffice, Firefox.

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