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The Theme is completely rewritten. It is based on Elementary and requires Murrine & Aurora.

Use the Theme with Nautilus-Elementary, it looks better!
It should work with Unity too, but i prefer the Classic Desktop.

How to fix the Viewbuttons
Press Alt+F2 and type Gksu nautilus
Navigate to usr/share/pixmaps/nautilus
Backup the Viewicons.
Replace the Viewbuttons with the blank Icons in the Zip.

How to use Emerald in Natty

Have fun with it
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10 years ago

Changed the Evolution Sidebarcolor



10 years ago

Because of the "ubuntu" next to the download link. Ubuntu is not Linux, Ubuntu is not Gnome, Ubuntu is just a MacOS for stupid people.




10 years ago

Ubuntu is a Linux system. The kernel is the same, the powerful shell is the same, apps are the same. You can build a program from the source code, and rebuild your kernel, you can use gnome, kde, xfce, unity, fluxbox... It can be a server, with apache / mySQL etc...

Well: if you know your system, you can do everything with an Ubuntu. you think Gentoo is better because you build your apps? You can do it on every Linux system... I don't understand those who say Ubuntu is a bad Linux; they don't managed to use it?

I tried/used Gentoo, Sabayon, Suse, ArchLinux, backtrack (a lot :D), Mint, Zenwalk, Knoppix... And today I am on ubuntu; because the community is very active, and helpfull, and they don't insult people who use other Linux...


Nice theme, thanks!



10 years ago

That's a bad attitude. Ubuntu is a form of Linux and uses GNOME.
And it is not MacOS, though it has been getting worse lately. But by saying "for stupid people" you mean that people who spend 2x as much money on an Apple computer aren't stupid, but the people who get an OS for free are?

You can post a comment about how you don't need Ubuntu for it, and that the author should change it, but don't just vote bad because it says Ubuntu.


10 years ago

Changed the Evolution Sidebarcolor

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