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I always struggle finding themes for my desktop that bring me some color , because, even liking the elegance of dark themes (that are the most numerous), when using them, I just feel them colorless boring.
I don't know how to create themes ( my knowledge in programing is Zero) , so then I did choose to customize some of them.

I modified the colors in the Peppermint Theme (that came with my Linux Mint 9 Installation), changed the “controls” with those of the Aurora Theme (for to avoid a issue with the letters in the Tooltips) and the saved changes result is my LightBrown Theme, hope you like.

I did another version with a black strip Menu, changing to the “controls” of Shiki-wise Theme otherwise Aurora Theme (see screenshots 2 and 3)

The two versions works flawless with no issues at all.

More than being new themes these are more color schemes of the original themes. Because that of course, any credits go to the creators of Peppermint, Aurora y Shiki-wise themes.

For to use them decompress the file and drag the folder(s) and drop them on the “ appearance” preferences window. The appearance preferences window is available on most systems.

Dock : AWN
Clock :PerfectClock (screenlet)
Calendar: Rainlendar (Screenlet)
Weather widget: Multiweather (opera browser widget)
FolderView (screenlet)
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