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This is just Adwaita GTK2/3 theme.
Since Xfce doesn't provide access to the dark variant, I edited the files as a separate theme.


5 years ago

Adwaita, but dark. Good if you like adwaita but it's too light. Saves your eyes and your screen



6 years ago

Works in Gnome 3.8, with some problems:

* Window title is light instead of dark.
* Some widgets are not too beautiful (for example, tabs at file manager).

To solve those problems, I'm using the standard Adwaita theme, with the "Enable dark theme for all applications" option enabled. Now, the window title is ok, and all widgets are ok. But a new problem appears: Pure gtk apps (such as gvim) are using the standard light theme, instead of a dark theme. The cause is probably that there is only one "gtkrc" file, instead of a "gtkrc" and a "gtkrc_dark" one.

To solve it, I have copied the "gtkrc" file from "Adwaita-Dark" theme to a personal copy (at ~/.themes/) of the standard Adwaita theme, overwritting the original "gtkrc". The result: Now, pure gtk apps are shown with dark theme too (same as gnome apps). Everything is fine, except one thing: The window title of pure gtk apps is light instead of dark. (the window title of gnome apps is ok)

How can I make the window title of pure gtk apps to be dark? Perhaps by adding some extra line to gtkrc?

Thank you




5 years ago

Hi. This theme is just the dark variant from the original Gnome 3.0 theme. I can't help as I don't have a computer anymore so I can't test. It's actually surprising that it still somewhat works.
You could try fiddling with the gtkrc and the other (gtk3.settings or something like that) files. Or maybe see if there's a dark variant in current Gnome and do as I did with this one.



6 years ago

Man, you saved my eyes! Thank you!


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