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Cyana-3D is my best attempt to create more of a raised look in many areas. Shades are the dominant factor as almost every alpha has been replaced with them. Coloring is down to a bare minimum also as many custom colors I originally created and named were removed.

Actions taken provide a quicker loading theme which helps the Gnome-Fallback desktop load faster. Once again, this look should be very close to the same on all desktops whether gtk-2.0 or gtk-3.0.

By the pictures you can see my extreme use of coloring has not ended as all colors are there, just adjustments were made to use less custom colors. If you are looking for a generic look, this is not it. In no way does this theme look generic with flat looks. I did my very best to create more illusions of depth along with more color changes on backdrops.

None of this was real easy and is an improvement over earlier versions of Cyana. What does it justice is Cyan is one beautiful color when used in its different gradients. Forget responding negatively as will not be answered. If something is not working right please let me know and will do all I can to correct it. Remember I use these themes all the time, so yes I want it working for all of us. NO SPAM TOLERATED SELL ELSEWHERE!


6 years ago

It reminds me the time when we changed all the colors on Win98 plus. I've done something like this, in 1999




6 years ago

I would absolutely love to see it as ideas of such inspires for more improvements. I will honestly say, on Win7 I had a major problem with text coloring on the desktop. Text coloring would change back to default at will. I was also never able to produce any gradients and shading to make areas look raised. So, if you have a link for it or download, would really appreciate getting it!


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