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What I have done here is made a 12pk of themes, but of course requires a little work on your part. Is not tough as is simply adding files from folders outside of theme folders to the themes inside. If I were to do this with all put together would be too large to upload! This way, is about the size of one theme, but contains 12!

The 12 themes are AmbianceMate, AmericaMate, BeiTanBroMate, BlackBeautyMate, BurgundyMate, Dark_BlueMate, Dark_BrownMate, Dark_GreenMate, Merry ChristmasMate, Nissl-RemixMate, Red_and_BlackMate and SundaeMate.

The only one that will not work on the Mate desktop is BeiTanBroMate. It will however work on LXDE, XFCE and Gnome Flashback. The rest work very well and come pretty close to making gtk-2.0 take on many of the qualities of gtk-3.0. Basically, they are molded from the same work done on CyanMate.

I did not want to clutter Gnome-Look and individually upload every theme. I simply wanted to provide all these themes in one zip file and then you can decide which look is for you! I only want to provide an alternative look for those that like a nice unique look for their multi-desktop systems or if you are just using one desktop. Is hard to get decent looks on gtk-2.0 and some of us do not always want to use desktops requiring gtk-3.0 or have units that can not use high end graphics. Still, whatever the desktop you use, I believe these themes will look nice on it!

Since there is so many themes here, I was only able to upload a few pictures. I am hoping as most of the themes are earlier themes have created, you can also check the earlier versions and understand will look about the same on Flashback, but have a better appearance on the other desktops. Since there are only 2 pngs used which are only used to give the menu the gradient looks, the other coloring is all work of gtkrc, so previous png's that gave my themes a terrible look have been replaced!

As always, if you do not like my themes then do not download! Comments done in respect of the time have spent to make these work are welcome. Comments on the negative keep them to yourself, I do not want to see them! No one is forcing you to download so always show respect for everyone that makes themes! Is loads of time we take to make themes you will enjoy! If problems occur, by all means let me know as I want these to work for everyone! SPAM NOT ACCEPTABLE, DO NOT SELL HERE AND I WILL NOT POST MY THEMES ON YOUR SITE!
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