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Has been a while, but that is because I want to bring something that will satisfy and make people happy! Most of my themes looked decent on Gnome Flashback, but when brought to other desktops looked "Terrible!" The main cause was gtk-2.0. When brought to other desktops the loss of gradients that were rich in gtk-3.0 were just not there! Due to these "png's" not there file size is reduced drastically, but quality is increased, imagine that? Download size is 62kbs!

It took some time to learn all this plus a great thanks to Wolfgang Ulbrich and his "BlackMate" theme which has helped me find where I was going wrong! You will notice this theme is placed in Gnome. First off, gtk-3.0 and metacity are over 98% of the original "Cyanna" theme that I created just a few months ago.

The pictures shown are from XFCE, LXDE and Mate. Since this is where the differences are going to come in, I felt is best to show those pictures. There is only a slight difference in Gnome that is barely recognizable so will not mention. Desktops pictured will show a nice smooth look of decent gradients. Mate desktop will show the icons I like the most(sky-blue-gnome) has been changed in the theme you will download to gnome. If you want something else gedit and change to icons you like in Mate. Mate is a different desktop that adjusts icons to what is stated in the index.theme The "Stoplight Effect" is pretty much a go on all desktops now and is 90% more legible!

This "New Look" for those desktops has given me greater inspiration to now work more with those desktops! Usually minutes and maybe an hour was spent on other desktops, but now I find I can handle all day since it now looks good! I hope you will find this theme to your liking and enjoy it to the utmost. Is always my sincere hope! If problems arise, please let me know! If you are a spammer, is not acceptable as SPAM IS NOT ACCEPTED or Tolerated on my themes! Do not like the theme, find another and leave the comments open for others if they need help for any problems experienced!
Once again all fonts are ones I use! I will only give them as an option for shell themes, so please excuse my personal likes of fonts.
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