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Upon noticing most of my themes are geared towards us guys, I decided to aim one towards women. Without women where would we be? This theme called Pink Beauty tries its best to capture the pure essence of a woman's beauty, which we know goes way beyond colors or words! Still, I want to make sure all the women out there can have a theme that is more personalized and can reflect their beauty. I do not want to sound prejudicial by no means and whatever your taste is and if it makes you happy is for you! Same as usual, do not like the color scheme, download another. I simply wanted to dedicate this theme to women all over as you are our true heroes as you seem to always tolerate all us guys. Has taken many hours to simply pick the best colors possible to display the most feminine mystique. Personally, I have never seen a theme done as such, so I just had to do it, especially when I consider all the women in my life and how special they are to me! So least I have one way of thanking them always! Spam never tolerated. !!!PLEASE NO SPAM!!! Negativity save for yourself. Just trying to create themes for all to enjoy! Based on Black Beauty and as always if problems let me know ASAP and will do my very best to fix them!


1 year ago

I am a week new to Linux. I'm running Linux Lite at the moment since the Linux Mint disc I have access to is 32 bit and I'm 64 bit, so ANYWAY... I know almost NOTHING about Linux... YET. Is this theme xfce compatible?


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