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Install: Extract archive into /home/yourusername/.icons/ and switch to icon theme by opening your Desktop's theme manager.

Gnome: gnome-tweak-tool
XFCE: xfce4-appearance-settings
LXDE/LXQT: lxappearance


Victory Icon Theme

This is an Icon Theme Ive been working on for a few years. It started as a way for me to learn SVG editing so some of it may be a little rough. It started on Gnome3 but has spent more time being made under XFCE.

I wanted an icon theme that was colorful and with unique colors for each mime-type so that when quickly scrolling you would be able to find what you were looking for without having to slow or stop and look at many similar looking mime type icons and colors (or filenames and extensions).

I know the text on the icons and the shape of the icons break some HIG rules so please forgive that.

I have most of the important icons down (especially for XFCE), but there are going to be some missing or incomplete icons.

If you find a missing icon or any problems with what is there please feel free to let me know (providing a screenshot, the name of the missing icon, and the distro you're using would be helpful.) I am still working on it.

Any feedback and constructive criticism would be appreciated.

I have also recently set up Patreon and Liberapay pages for those interested in supporting my work:



- Darin
Last changelog:

2017-09 10 months ago

Updated to the latest Git version. Should add several new icons (including some for PCManFM, Solus) and should be a pretty complete icon theme by now. Full changelog included in the download.


8 months ago

I really like those pastel colors.



10 months ago

Hi, I would really like to use this theme but it does not work well. They only change some icons and are very out of focus. I use Gnome 3.24. Some advice?



1 year ago

Tried to download the icon theme because it is very nice and I would like to use it. But the archive is always corrupted :(



1 year ago

Slikerhael. All the servers, and not just xfce-look.org, are exhibiting this corrupted archive issue. I can extract some files, but most are corrupt. gnome-look... all of them are having this issue. With this, and the search engine not working, the site is in sorry shape. I hope that it is fixed soon as well.



1 year ago

Keep getting decompression error on successful downloads when trying to open the archive. I REALLY want to use this icon theme, help me out please.




1 year ago

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Are you still having the decompression error? I'm not sure if it's an error in the archive or in *-look.org. In the next update, which should be in the next few days, I'll add a link to and upload it to DeviantArt and github as well.



2 years ago

This is kde-look.org
How does it deal with?




2 years ago

You will find it also in gnome-look.org and xfce-look.org.



2 years ago

Good icons.



2 years ago

Great Work!



2 years ago

very pretty, I've been wanting to see some pastel colored icons and themes for the chicks out there like me. I'm using Kali so what'd be awesome is if all those icons on your dash to doc were a pretty pastel too. You don't have to do anything super complex for the icons. Just make them different cute colored buttons or something. I should really learn how to do this. Great job!



2 years ago

Excellent work !!
May we expect and the 'light' version,



2 years ago

Keep up the great work 'cause you really seem to have great potential.



2 years ago


Making an icon theme is several orders of magnitude more difficult than the rest of a theme package. I'm just paraphrasing a developer but he is right about that one. However, where there's a will, there's a way. Some people fail because they don't realize how close to success they are just before giving up. Keep up the great work. Still a bit crude but looks promising.

Best regards,


2017-09 10 months ago

Updated to the latest Git version. Should add several new icons (including some for PCManFM, Solus) and should be a pretty complete icon theme by now. Full changelog included in the download.

** 2016-10 ** 1 year ago

Added mime icons at 64px, created entirely new 16px, 24px, and 32px category and sidebar places icons. Brand new 16px mime icons. Added other assorted icons, fixed many. See full changelog included in download for more.

** 2016-07-12 ** 2 years ago

Just updating to the latest git version, minor fixes.

2 years ago

** 2016-01 **

Initial Upload

** 2016-03 **

Added Mime icons in 16x16 and 64x64, Places icons in 64x64. Added a few new mime icons. Bugfixes and other minor changes -- see full changelog included with theme.

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