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The Plataro SVG icon set consists of flat and colorful icons intended for use under KDE and LXQt.

Plataro was made based on FaenzaFlattr, when the latter disappeared from Internet, but many of its icons are made based on nouveKDEGray, Oxygen and GNOME's default icon set, with emphasis on clarity, colorfulness and flatness.


6 months ago

Amazing icon theme that I cannot rate highly enough. A matte, highly symbolic and even "kid friendly" theme not far off conceptually from the more popular Paper theme, yet also significantly different from it, the best part is how almost all of the commonplace file browsing and menu application symbols are covered by Plataro. RECOMMEND!



6 months ago

Thank you!
The theme isn't up-to-date here. I'll add the latest version to my GitHub page soon.



4 months ago

Awesome theme.
Please note that you can now also link directly to external github-files, like or specific releases, so you neednt upload anything and continue to work on github.



4 months ago

Thanks! I didn't know that an external link to github was possible; added it right now.



1 year ago

Amazing theme on Plasma5!! Thanks.



1 year ago

You're welcome! A minor update will come soon (without announcing),



1 year ago

Nice work no any icons missing in lxqt so far.



1 year ago

Thanks! That's because LXQT is my main DE now ;)


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