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GTK3/4 Themes by macosh
content, GTK3 Theme, Gnome Shell, Icons and Mouse Cursor, all in one Installation ;) Installation
gtk3 theme shell icons cursor linux unix gnome
Mar 04 2021

Ariake GTK Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by fkorpsvart
://]Ariake Shell Themes[/url][/list] [list][*][url=]Ariake
gtk gnome mate plank shell linux unix theme
Oct 20 2020

material-black-MAGIC - Semi-Transparent Variety Pack

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
material-black-MAGIC is a new GTK, xfwm4, openbox-3, GNOME-Shell, and Cinnamon dark mode theme
material black colors shell dark linux unix theme gnome
Apr 14 2020