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Redshift for Elementary #5

Full Icon Themes by MrMagical
Elementary styled icons for the Redshift app. Comes in 3 different styles and both light and dark versions.
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 29 2010

Tweaks Amiga Icons

Full Icon Themes by Tweak
A very large Amiga inspired icon theme taken from a great multitude of sources. **INCOMPLETE** Please feel free to make changes and let me know or upload it. I use this theme and it is very complete but not 100%. I ran out of time working on this for over 2 years. Also contained is a work...
amiga commodore icon-theme icons kubuntu linux ubuntu unix
Oct 20 2018

Amarok + MP4-player

Full Icon Themes by ProSK8JARED
mp4 players icon with an amarok-aqua style and apps icons Mac OSX + Linux
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 28 2010


Full Icon Themes by Naf71
Classy-V2 (Folders) was created by Gurato: for his personal use. I decided to have a go at creating a port for gnome. The folders are hosted by a mixture of icons ubuntu-mono. Some of the devices icons are from iNiZe:...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 12 2010

Pidgin Circles Status Icons

Full Icon Themes by R2D221
Simple colored status icons. I got the idea from the Elementary theme, which includes some of these icons for the Me Menu; so I adapted them to Pidgin. Comes in all sizes, in SVG. To install, extract this on ~/.purple/themes/
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 14 2010


Full Icon Themes by alexibaba
MagIcons is an application to manipulate whole iconsets. With MagIcons you are able to create color schemes for icons within seconds. This is the first release. So please let me know if you are lucky or if you got into trouble while using MagIcons. If you want to create an iconset, please...
icon-theme linux unix
May 20 2010

Imperfection Icons

Full Icon Themes by LuxieRayku
A black icon-theme for Linux. Now is a little incomplete. A lot of icons are a modification of Elementary icons
icon-theme linux unix
May 16 2010

GT3 Icons

Full Icon Themes by jameshardy88
Icon theme created to compliment my port of Tiggz GT3 theme. Includes some artwork by Treetog and some of my own to complete the theme for Gnome. The theme is still not 100% complete but is easily full enough for a preliminary release. Hope you enjoy the theme and let me know what you think =)
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 21 2010


Full Icon Themes by geinux
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 05 2010

Tozan iconset

Full Icon Themes by Salamatiqus
Tozan icon theme for Tozan GTK theme. Based on mickyz's Minty Leaf icon theme ( ) All credits to all authors. And Big thanks to them
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 13 2009