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etiquette -n 14.04 ( requires yasis )

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93
Hi, IM NOT THE THEME AUTHOR AND USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK =). I didcreate this small theme pack to let people use this wonderful artwork. This download uses , 5 sec advertising then click on kip at at right top it points to google-driv then e. Download works with ad-blocker enabled...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 30 2014

Gummy (Fork Of Candy Icon Theme)

Full Icon Themes by MasterUser550
This Icon Theme Will Be The Default Icon Theme Of Underbar OS 14.10: Gummy Works Best With The Gnome Flashback Session Installed: See This Guide On How To Install The Gnome Flashback Session On Ubuntu: It's...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 24 2014

RaveH20-4-n Mint remake

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93
RaveH20-4-n please use first download link. All credit goes to Did rearanged pixmaps for mint. The new theme is at the moment for mint only it wont break any , gnome 3 configuration unlike...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 21 2014

The Blue Standard

Full Icon Themes by AnthonyNordquist
Theme I forked off of Simple well over a year ago and have been working on ever since. This theme includes icons from Oxygen, Crystal Project, Tango, Dreamer, Gnome, Humanity and some icons done 100% in house.
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 26 2014

Flags from Linux Mint Cinnamon for Xfce

Full Icon Themes by cybercop
Flags from Linux Mint Cinnamon converted to Xfce-panel. First you need to download and extract the contents of the archive. Flags are in the folder. Then, you must open the file manager as super user. This is done by pressing the keys Alt + F2 and type in the field "gksu thunar". Then go...
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 14 2014


Full Icon Themes by adhe
Blue folder icons from OieOxy for look & feel [u][b]Full settings[/b][/u] * Colorscheme: [url=] Pear Dark Color [/url] * Plasma theme: [url=] Pear Dark [/url] * Aurorae theme: [url=] Pear Dark...
gnome icon-theme icons linux pear plasma unix
Jul 21 2019

Caledonia Black

Full Icon Themes by donpedro69
System tray icons based on Caledonia plasma theme by Malcer [Almost] all icons reverted to black, so they look nice with light plasma themes. INSTALL ------- simply unpack and run script in CaledoniaBlack directory. I suggest to choose air-netbook theme when asked for. I did...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 19 2013


Full Icon Themes by tad1073
This icon theme depends on Gnome-Brave and MyElementary which are included. All credits go to: Muko and Magog64
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 08 2013


Full Icon Themes by samuaz
this its a sticker icon pack for kde all credits to David Lanham the creator of this nice icons made for mac osx i only make a pack for it to use with kde and also i add other icons with the same style for complete the missing icons, more than 1500 icons, but there...
icon-theme linux unix
May 30 2013


Full Icon Themes by ikisham
I use this theme with GTK theme and some transparency on the panel. Also works well with the MediterraneanDark variant. Requires the Faenza icon theme (inherits Faenza-Darkest by default; change this at will by editing...
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 21 2012