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Oxygen violet folders

Full Icon Themes by Ralsa
The classic Oxygen KDE icon theme with folders in violet by default.
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 22 2015


Full Icon Themes by john007
Another recoloured version of the original Faenza folders ([url][/url]). Please note the 'y' in the name ;-) You must have the above icon theme installed, as this theme only replaces the original folders. If you prefer the...
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 08 2015

Yosemite Os X xfce BETA

Full Icon Themes by ZoeDash
Es el pack de iconos del sistema Mac Os X Yosemite para xfce , esta en base beta porque aun no los he terminado completamente por falta de tiempo, y perdonen tambien por la captura, xP se me olvido hacerla... para aplicarlo a su distro con entorno xfce, extraiga en home/.icons
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 31 2015


Full Icon Themes by xanayoshi
nouveGnomeRed First Attempt at Icons I couldn't find any red ones. Reworked nouveGnomeGray, all credit goes to tsujan @ DeviantArt
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 04 2015

Fedora autumn folder

Full Icon Themes by chantrongchien
this is my folder icons only compatible with gnome 3.16. to use,extra file to ~/.icons/ or /usr/share/icons/ to make the system best look,must sure that you already have Numix-Circle icons theme
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 18 2015


Full Icon Themes by freefreeno
This the my version of the Laferte icons. The original will not work with KDE Plasma and they were not the same colors. This is the original: These icons are for my Breeze-darker color-scheme in KDE Plasma but you can use however you like. Here is the...
icon-theme kde kdeplasma linux plasma unix
May 01 2019

Breeze icons with red folders [for light and dark themes]

Full Icon Themes by azarilh
UPDATE: More contrast makes the icons more clear. The pictures show the old version, the newer versions have a li'l more contrast then what you see there. Now it supports light themes as well. I made the folders from Breeze-Dark into red. See my profile for more Red Breeze Dark...
breeze dark folders icon-theme light linux red unix
Jan 31 2020

Cafe Paris

Full Icon Themes by ZMA
Иконки от Canelita309 и soundforge собранные в мини тему размером в 1 MB. Icons by Canelita309 and soundforge collected in mini theme. Size 1 MB.
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 06 2015

Oxymentary Armonico

Full Icon Themes by Ocean-Sea
It is a modification of the Oxymentary Icon Theme by Linux Mint 17 Qiana KDE, trying to make the icons more homogeneous and harmonious between them. The screen contains only some small sample, in the Theme there is a lot more ... just try putting it in...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 30 2014

50 Shades of Grey icon

Full Icon Themes by ZMA
50 Shades of Grey icon Иконки к теме Пятьдесят оттенков серого. General pack 50 Shades of Grey - GTK3 + GTK2 (55 themes) and themes for Cinnamon in set download here: [url][/url] Здесь можно скачать все темы 50 Sha...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 10 2014