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Full Icon Themes by horst3180
Black Folders for Faenza Icons by tiheum ([url][/url]) Faenza Icons ([url][/url]) have to be installed, as this theme only replaces the original folders. To install the...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 22 2011

Faenza Dark Icons (edited)

Full Icon Themes by Arry2006
The idea is to have a package of icons exclusively for dark themes, so i edited some of them that did not look good (from my perspective) with dark themes. More specifically, contextual menu icons and toolbar...the others are by default! Credits to the creator. Greetings! PD: My english is...
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 02 2011

Leaf Folder Icons

Full Icon Themes by Untergunter
A kind of minimal folders icons, 4 stripe colors and 21 icons (all in the preview). 128px.
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 21 2011

Glowing Green Neon

Full Icon Themes by Katzefu
This is an icon theme I created shortly from these beautiful icons, called Glowing Green Neon. I am no graphics wizard, but a coder who just packed it into a theme. So all credits for these wonderful icons go to creators at this...
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 14 2011


Full Icon Themes by Naf71
I packed these great icon theme for gnome, originally a windowblinds theme created by Mr chrfb combined with the tok-tok by DrawerPal and AwOken - Awesome Token by alecive...
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 18 2010


Full Icon Themes by deviantdark
This iconset won't ever have a massive modification. All the work I am doing on it right now is just trying to push it to perfection, making small changes release after release [you can see what's happening in the changelog below], so please feel free to report any bug you experience, but first...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 25 2008

Oxygen Icons

Full Icon Themes by dnspht
I made this package because I wanted an easy way to get the Oxygen icons for a program I'm making, and I'm stuck on Windows right now because I've been having trouble with Kubuntu. I decided to share it with everyone so they won't have to go through the same trouble. It's now updated to the...
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 26 2008