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Congo Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by yoshu
Okay, so here is the first alpha release of Congo. These are 48x48 PNG images for you to use as you'd like for non-commercial purposes. I haven't started naming the icons for use with KDE 3.x or 4.x, because I haven't created a fully usable set, and I've only made them at 48 px resolution. When...
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 10 2008

BC Tango KDE

Full Icon Themes by boskicinek
This is BC Tango KDE icon theme - it evolved from my other icon theme - Flamenco ( It's more than regular theme because it can be use (and it is - by Flamenco for example) as base theme for other icon themes - read more below. This...
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 08 2008

Konqueror Navigation Icons

Full Icon Themes by dedmopozzz
Navigation Icons for Konqueror
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 30 2007


Full Icon Themes by Shirakawasuna
This is the KDE iconset for GANT, the amazing icons created by the artist Paul Davey aka mattahan on deviantart. All rights reserved. This is my first theme, so I welcome any and all criticism and suggestions! *note: you may need to change the file extension to .tar.gz! Darn...
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 13 2007


Full Icon Themes by conteXx
Thats a early preview from my 2nd iconset, feel free to comment, every comment motivates me to finish this icon set soon as possible , =)
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 12 2007

Human for KDE - kanpio mod

Full Icon Themes by kanpio
I mixed Snowish with Tango, Human and icons from DreamLinux and modified it a little bit. A few new icons created. Menu entires look similarly to Tango. These are my first icons compilations so I ask everybody for understanding when something is not OK. Kmenu icon is prepared to use with...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 08 2006