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Materia Manjaro Dark

Full Icon Themes by freefreeno
[color=#00c599] Icons built for the Materia Manjaro Dark KDE Plasma theme but you can use them in whatever desktop you wish[/color] There is also a new full Breeze based icon set to match this theme The new full icon set based on the Breeze icons that will match either the normal Materia...
flat green icon-theme kde kdeplasma linux plasma unix
May 20 2020

Numix White Icons

Full Icon Themes by luciothiago
Install cd /home/$USER/.icons ; git clone
icon-theme icons linux numix unix
Feb 16 2018

Humanity-like icons for Calibre

Full Icon Themes by Magog64
Icons in the HUmanity style for Calibre To install, extract the zipped archive and replace the folder "images" at /usr/share/calibre or /opt/calibre/resources/images Go to Calibre > Preferences > Aspect > Set icon size to Medium. Un ringraziamento al Night Train per gli ottimi consigli!
calibre humanity icon-theme linux unix
Jun 30 2019

Arrongin icon theme

Full Icon Themes by paulxfce
Arrongin-icon-theme is a forke from the original Suru icontheme made by Sam Hewitt ([URL=]Link to github page[/URL]) The original Suru icon set and concept was created by: -- Matthieu James -- Canonical Design Team Additional contributors: --Magog64 ...
arrongin icon-theme linux unix
Apr 30 2018


Full Icon Themes by xanayoshi
Recolored nouveKDEGray, all credit goes to tsujan @ DeviantArt
icon-theme linux unix
May 26 2015

Rex OS Y

Full Icon Themes by LozanoJack
Awesome Icon Theme for Ubuntu 14.04 or higer. A mix of some Elementary OS icons, OS X 10.10 Yosemite Icons, and some custom icons. Enjoy!
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 26 2015

Office 2013 Icons Theme For LibreOffice

Full Icon Themes by Wesker08
Theme icon for Libre Office 4.3.x based on Office 2013. for install copy the file "" to path /usr/share/libreoffice/share/config" and replace the existing file. Splash...
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 20 2014


Full Icon Themes by crayxt
Folder icons from stock adwaita-icon-theme colored in light blue (Just a couple colors from Tango palette, version sky blue). Requires adwaita-icon-theme to be present on system, since this theme is based on Adwaita, and only contains icons for folders. All other icons come from Adwaita icon theme.
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 13 2014

Simplicity Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by hackan301
This Icon Set is from the beginning composed out of bits and parts of other icon sets which I thought went well hand in hand. A lot has been tweaked, not much is in its original state and I have also made icons from scratch for this theme In order to fill out some gaps. The system...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 18 2014


Full Icon Themes by sotitrox
Cluster alpha 0.0.4 This is a fork of Area o.43, specifically the last version worked by systemm0....
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 14 2013