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Full Icon Themes by cybercop
These themes are a stage from the development of The Elementary GTK Icon Pack. In these themes I've edited the sound icons and I split the images into two folders - Status and Panel. I have also removed support for xfce4-mixer. The package includes: - Elementary GTK Dark and Light -...
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 29 2020


Full Icon Themes by dannya
Finally, a colour version of my Monochrome iconset: ( 2538 icons in this release. Don't forget to leave feedback!
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 18 2018

Griffin Ghost

Full Icon Themes by Shenron
Griffin Ghost is the most minimalistic icon pack available for Linux distributions. It looks different and it is totally inspired by its name. It is the most simple icon pack available and totally provide a simple look to the distribution. It has taken its base from...
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 09 2018

Breeze icons with pink folders [for light and dark themes]

Full Icon Themes by azarilh
I made the folders from Breeze-Dark into pink. See my profile for more Breeze alternatives. Here's a white/pink color scheme i made: Here's the pink alternative for Breeze Dark (but darker): NOTE: I don't think i...
breeze dark folders icon-theme light linux pink unix
Jan 31 2020

Breeze icons with green folders [for light and dark themes]

Full Icon Themes by azarilh
Here's a dark 'n' green colour scheme for KDE i created: If you wanna change the colours, open the svg files with a text editor like Kate; substitute these four colours: #0dd05e, #3ceb85, #0ab04d, #227c45. It's based on the original Breeze theme:...
breeze dark folders green icon-theme light linux unix
Jan 31 2020

Papirus icons + Breeze action icons

Full Icon Themes by alex-l
Authors are the ones from Papirus icons and Breeze icons
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 22 2017

Breeze Dark Classic

Full Icon Themes by flipwise
The new Breeze icons theme comes with folder icons in a different color than before. This theme seeks to restore the pre-Plasma 5.5 folder icons. Additionally, if you wish to change the icons in the Application launcher, use...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 09 2017


Full Icon Themes by vmorenomarin
Legacy is a fork of the Antü icon theme for Plasma 5, created by Fabian Inostroza. In this fork I include some personal icons based in the general style of the theme. Some minor issues are solved in order to guaranty consistence with Plasma 5.
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 31 2017

Soft-gray and Soft-gray-Dark

Full Icon Themes by Ghostdmn
Added: QMPlay2, document-share and some icons
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 12 2016


Full Icon Themes by adhe
Blue folder icons from OieOxy for look & feel [u][b]Full settings[/b][/u] * Colorscheme: [url=] Pear Dark Color [/url] * Plasma theme: [url=] Pear Dark [/url] * Aurorae theme: [url=] Pear Dark...
gnome icon-theme icons linux pear plasma unix
Jul 21 2019