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Flags Monochrome Transparent

Full Icon Themes by tonneofwool
A set of monochrome flag icons with transparent background for gnome panel keyboard indicator. It'll probably do for other inidicators of this kind as well. 1. Unpack attached .zip archive into ~/.icons/ folder (so there will be new "flags" folder). 2. Execute `gconftool-2 --type bool --set...
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 06 2011


Full Icon Themes by CruelAngel
This is basically the superb action (toolbar etc) icons from the Faenza icon theme added to the Ubuntu Mono Dark theme. (Cudos to the original creators.) Note: This package does NOT contain the Ubuntu Mono Dark / Humanity icons, so you'll either need an Ubuntu default install, or the contents...
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 13 2011

Clam Folder Set

Full Icon Themes by Untergunter
This is my first try on icon designing, it was a hard work and obviously a good learning experience. As you can see in the preview there are 9 different colors and 21 icons 128x128 px (one not in the preview image)... Hope you like it! Thanks in advance for comments and feedbacks!
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 03 2010

Shining Reprise

Full Icon Themes by lonerocker
A continuation of Shining Black (, by murasame. It has more apps, more icons, a couple modifications from Shining Black. Still open for requests. Menu icons include the following distros and logos: Arch, Debian, Fedora,...
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 23 2010

Ubuntu Mono Dark Elementary.

Full Icon Themes by rafeviper
I didn't make any of these icons. All I did was changing the inherit icon theme from the Ubuntu Mono Dark, which was Humanity, so it uses now elementary. Enjoy it!
icon-theme linux unix
May 05 2010

Kempelton Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by Schiwi
Let your KDE4 looks like Firefox (with the Kempelton Theme) This a IconTheme for KDE4.x, made with the icons from the great Firefox Kempelton Theme [url][/url] and the Foldericons from the CrystalSVG Theme [url][/url] Please let...
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 05 2009


Full Icon Themes by schollidesign
A new composition (mod.) of Gnome-Colors-Human for come something nearer to the original Human-Theme. It's wonderful and works perfectly with Gnome-Do. ;-) More can be read in DeviantArt ... Enjoy. :-) PD: !!! It's always best to remove a previous version before upgrading...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 25 2009


Full Icon Themes by jakeroo123
This is my first theme i made it for my sister NEW MIMETYPES & DEVICES
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 13 2008

Intrigue Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by timothysaddress
A simple and beautiful icon set for the Kde desktop. Comments and suggestions are very appreciated :). *NEW: Help improve the Intrigue Icon Set by signing up for an account with Simple Innovation at: *NEW: You can now search through,...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 20 2008

Congo Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by yoshu
Okay, so here is the first alpha release of Congo. These are 48x48 PNG images for you to use as you'd like for non-commercial purposes. I haven't started naming the icons for use with KDE 3.x or 4.x, because I haven't created a fully usable set, and I've only made them at 48 px resolution. When...
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 10 2008