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Cinnamon Mint Icon Scheme

Full Icon Themes by isylumn
This white Cinnamon Mint Icon Scheme promotes a modified Linux Mint Cinnamon logo. How to Install Linux Mint Icons 1. Copy the theme under /usr/share/icons/ $ sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/icons 2. Select theme from Start>Settings>Appearance 3. Also select theme from...
cinnamon icon-theme icons linux mint unix
Mar 14 2019

firefox icon

Full Icon Themes by diewal
is an alternative icon for firefox , in black and white and other in black and orange installation = the most simple is right click in the icon and change it. rename the icon to firefox.svg if you are using a pack of icons svg then put it in nameicons/scalable/apps . if you don't , then...
icon-theme linux unix
May 18 2014

faenza CMYK

Full Icon Themes by XadhimX
Icon theme project with aQuave folder style, modified based on Faenza Icon.
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 15 2014

Orange stripes menu icon

Full Icon Themes by Cyr4x
Orange stripes menu icon (22x22 px size). Suits best for Cinnamon IDE.
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 03 2014


Full Icon Themes by freefreeno
Recolored Breeze icons made to match the Apollo and Ares KDE themes. Click the screenshots to enlarge to get better a view. These icons I colored to match my themes but they would also match many other themes too. The original breeze icons are...
breeze icon-theme kdeplasma linux plasma plasma5 unix
Aug 01 2019

Inkscape white icons

Full Icon Themes by dadoprom
I combined few white icon uncomplete inkscape themes which I found on the internet. This is the outcome. I tested it only under OSX. For the toolbar I used New Improved Inkscape Tool Icons from here: Under...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 18 2013

Tucson Labs Icon Set - Beta

Full Icon Themes by yoshu
This is an Icon set for the Gnome desktop, that was formerly named "Congo". Download this set at [url][/url]. There are two versions, if you want to install this for GNOME, pick the gnome one. Comments are welcome, and if anyone is willing to package this for KDE, please let...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 28 2013


Full Icon Themes by seapaladin
Original Humanity theme mixed with Humanity-Darck , ubuntu-mono-dark and some custom icons , still under construction ,still have a patchwork look , y am not a designer and the time that y have to take care of this its very limited , please report any suggestions and complains
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 29 2013

Facebook - Pidgin - emoticones

Full Icon Themes by alexlikerock
Este es un tema que contiene los emoticones originales de FACEBOOK CHAT para pidgin ------------------------------- This is an issue that contains the original FACEBOOK CHAT smileys for pidgin
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 05 2013


Full Icon Themes by mirlo
The icon theme is Walesky Walenty authoring.And his name, Nostalgie OSX. . I just added Ubuntu icons in folders, and delete all trace of the apple logo. It can be used without problems in Xfce, Gnome also I hope you...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 30 2013