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Human_KDE Modified

Full Icon Themes by cookies
Human Kanpio Mod Edited by me to include more Ubuntu and less Snowish and what have you. This comes with my Theme Manager Theme, but I decided to put it here to, just in case you want it it, but not the Theme. (But why would you?) CARPS, Filefront messes up the file, should be fine,...
icon-theme linux unix
May 05 2008

KDE Pro II Normal

Full Icon Themes by RedHyena
A clean modern angular theme for KDE thats very crisp and KDE4 ready! Great News!!! I can now finally begin adding to this theme again!! Thank you everyone who has downloaded and commented on this little project. I'm sorry to keep you waiting for so long but I had to put this project on hold...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 22 2008


Full Icon Themes by mikeTheScientist
Greenman is meant to be an uncreative drop-in green replacement for the default Human themes in Ubuntu 8.04 for those wishing for another color option but enjoy the human style. Based on the packages available in Ubuntu 8.04, I include three gtk-theme options (Greenman, Greenman-Clearlooks,...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 11 2008

NouveXT Icons by Drake

Full Icon Themes by Nightdrake
Uses the Icons from NouveXT 1.6 where possible, the missing icons, e.g. for devices are taken from 2.2
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 28 2008

Discovery Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by hylkebons
[url][/url] [...] There is one thing that annoys me, and that’s Ubuntu’s default look, openSUSE looks great from the start. Now Lapo did a great job on the Tangerine icons, but they were still a bit too “dark” for my taste. So I thought why not try...
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 15 2008


Full Icon Themes by epsilom
nuvoX is complete icons theme for KDE 3.x. This theme is mainly based on three others themes: crystal proyect, nuovola, nuoveXT, OS-L, Tulliana, (some icons of other theme) and of course my own designs. Enjoy it! ############ TO INSTALL: (only for build set(tar.gz)) First you just have...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 19 2007

GnomaS&TrolaS Kubuntu Icon Mod

Full Icon Themes by chichovoto
This is icon theme designed for kubuntu. It is a combination between G&T Mix Diamond 48 Icon Mod Alien OSX Futurosoft Icons NiCo_Crystal Kubuntu KMenu Icons XTrash Icons OS-K Icons I hope you will like it. I will soon upload the wallpapers from my screenshots. HavE a NicE VtaS...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 10 2007

fixed oxygen icon script

Full Icon Themes by Yaccin
requires subversion and python. this script downloads (or updates) the latest oxygen icon theme and if run as root it also installs it. *removed torrent*
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 06 2007

Pardus Ultimate

Full Icon Themes by xerox5555
Pardus Ultimate Icon Set Vista Inspritat + Pardus Start Menu
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 06 2007


Full Icon Themes by hammergom
This is a complete system set for KDE. I have assembled this set from icons by Sergio Ruiz and his beautiful NiCo folders, Everaldo,and myself. Also included in this set are the most beautiful Open Office icons on the planet created by Mike Moschini aka gryphen who kindly granted permission to...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 18 2007