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Soda Icons

Full Icon Themes by nivekxyz
Soda is an icon theme based on the Pop!_OS icon set with recolored folders to match the Afflatus theme. The only other change made to the icons in the initial release (1.0) is the recoloring of the Atom icon from grey to a more suitable green color.
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 06 2017

FileZilla Mint-X

Full Icon Themes by l1718s
Mint-X Theme for FileZilla users /usr/share/filezilla/resources
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 11 2017

Egg Icons

Full Icon Themes by sonakinci41 Fork Bugs ====== Some of the icons are rendering problems. Waiting for your support. ─░nstall ====== Download and copy /usr/share/icons and change your desktop settings
icon-theme icons linux unix
Feb 10 2019

We10X icon theme - By Yeyushengfan258

Full Icon Themes by linlinxza
I added a separate color of Yeyushengfan258's We10X icon theme as a necessary fix for the global theme I set up. Found here:
aero icon-theme linux seven unix win7 windows7
Jul 26 2020

TurkinOS icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by swl-x
TurkinOS icon theme is a theme inspired by MacOS visual experience for GNU / Linux systems. 100% of the icons are in SVG format
icon-theme linux look macos macosx unix
Mar 28 2020

xfce - mousey icon theme

Full Icon Themes by FelixHo
monochrome, soft and simple icon theme for xfce, published under gpl mousey png icons newly created but symlinks retained from 'elementary-xfce' - credit to the xfce-team for creating and making available, thanks all icon sets are stored at /usr/share/icons/, once copied/saved/extracted there...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 29 2017


Full Icon Themes by Solisx7
This is my attempt at porting the adwaita theme to xfe. Also in the package i added Dark-Ice color xfwrc theme. It goes in your /home/user/.config/xfe folder.
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 23 2017

Revo Icons

Full Icon Themes by dindinG41TR3
============================================================================= Created : dindinG41TR3 Address : Kota Banjar, Indonesia E-mail : Licenced : GNU GPL 3.0 Specification Icons : Linux Mint (Cinnamons, Mate, Debian Cinnamon, XFCE) Xubuntu, Lubuntu,...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 16 2017

Mac moD

Full Icon Themes by macmac
#mac mod Based on -- Cupertino iCons HOW TO INSTALL Download Then extract it. Go to home in your Files app. Press CTRL+H Then create a new folder and name it as ".icons" Copy the "master" folder (extracted folder) and paste it inside the .icons folder. Then you can...
apple icon-theme linux mac unix
Aug 31 2019

Breeze grey folders pack

Full Icon Themes by zalgofox
Here is a simple mod for the breeze icons. Just the breeze but folder and the dolphin icons is grey. ______________ Installation: extract the tar.gz archive and copy the folder to /usr/share/icons or ~.local/share/icons/ enable the icons on the system settings...
breeze folders gray grey icon-theme linux unix
Jun 13 2020