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Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
[size=6][color=#0000cd]Krxpltbc UHD[/color][/size] [size=5]KDE real XP Let There be ... Classic ![/size] Scalable XP Icons for KDE4 and Plasma from - Letz there be Classic ! canĀ“t say "Let there be Carnage" but the dammn Alien-System feeelll soooooo gooooddd, so then there for ...
blacky krxpltbc windowsxp xp winxp linux unix icon-theme
5 hours ago

Real Time Icontheme for KDE4 and Plasma from Blackysgate

Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
2022.10.13-21-37 : Have add the index.theme for the more new Plasma compatibility, but i have leave the old index.desktop for have downward compatibility :) Index.desktop and index.theme is now inside.. both ! a Iconpack who i had make collages from diffrent pictures .. any Icons who i had make...
icontheme icons realtime blackysgate blacky icon-theme linux unix
Nov 02 2022

Steampunk Icontheme for Kde4 and Plasma from Blackysgate

Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
Steampunk icon Set. with both indexes: index.desktop and index.theme, therewith also again compatible with the actually Plasma-Desktops Collages from Photoshop template with many possibilitys, used by mime-types !
icontheme realtime icons blacky icon-theme linux unix
Oct 14 2022