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Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
[size=6][color=#0000cd]Krxpltbc UHD[/color][/size] [size=5]KDE real XP Let There be ... Classic ![/size] Scalable XP Icons for KDE4 and Plasma from - Letz there be Classic ! canĀ“t say "Let there be Carnage" but the dammn Alien-System feeelll soooooo gooooddd, so then there for ...
blacky krxpltbc windowsxp xp winxp linux unix icon-theme
1 day ago

GnomeXP Windows XP icon theme

Full Icon Themes by matias-saibene
This icon theme is not mine, I downloaded it a long time ago and found it on my PC recently and it goes very well with WinXP themes for KDE Plasma, but it sure works with other desktops.
winxp windowsxp windows linux unix icon-theme
Sep 03 2022