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cyberpunk technotronic icon theme

Full Icon Themes by dreifacherspass
a blue-purple (oomox) gradient full-icon theme for all of us that love cyberpunk, neon, outrun, synthwave and retrofuture aesthetics. This theme has outline folders but it can be combined with a variety of filled folders that you can find [URL=""] here....
cyberpunk synthwave outrun oomox neon linux unix icon-theme
2 days ago

BigSur icon theme

Full Icon Themes by yeyushengfan258
[b]All the ICONS are being optimized. Because of the large number, if there is an urgent need for use, we will give priority to optimizing and uploading immediately.[/b] [b]Please understand the inconvenience caused to you.[/b] [b]A large number of ICONS have been...
linux unix icon-theme
Nov 11 2023

Oxylite Icons

Full Icon Themes by mx-2
# Oxylite Icons Oxylite-icons is a icon theme which implements skeuomorphic icons with modern SVG technology. It is based on Oxygen, Adwaita and others. Currently, this icon theme is tested on Gnome and works best on HiDPI monitors. ## PNG version The `oxylite-png` version of this theme uses...
skeuomorph non-flat oxygen adwaita gnome linux unix icon-theme
Aug 28 2023

Antu Classic

Full Icon Themes by fabianalexis
Welcome to the classic and original Antü icon theme: - Antü Classic is the base of popular themes like "La Capitaine" or the KaOS Midna icon theme. - Antü Classic development is ended, don't wait updates. - If you want updates of my work, look the new Antü icon theme. Installation ins...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 08 2023


Full Icon Themes by facsavar
Dark icon theme for linux High resolution icons, in svg format. uncompress: tar -xf Fekete.tar.xz and push to /usr/share/icons/
linux unix icon-theme
Jun 13 2023


Full Icon Themes by jcubic
Vector icon theme for GTK. It can be used with XFce or GNOME. (I added logos for Ubuntu. Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, SUSE, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch, Zenwalk, Mndriva and Mint) I put all files into git repository on github [url][/url] All errors and missing icons you...
icon-theme linux unix gtk xfce icons clean
Apr 20 2023


Full Icon Themes by mayurzambare
** If you like the theme then support project by giving ratings, thank you. ** changelog: Update some device Icon
linux unix icon-theme
Feb 09 2022


Full Icon Themes by macmac
Macaron icon theme(updated) Based on papiras icon theme HOW TO INSTALL Download macaron.tar.xz file. Then extract it. Go to home in your Files app. Press CTRL+H Then create a new folder and name it as ".icons" Copy the "Macaron" folder (extracted folder) and paste it inside the .icons...
icon-theme icons linux macaron unix
Feb 23 2022

Shade of Z

Full Icon Themes by Thalic
Now XFCE supported (Zorin 16 lite)!!! Shade of Z is an icon set for Zorin OS 16 and Zorin 16 Pro. It aims to streamline the icons in the Zorin environment, so application icons are in match with the panel icons (menu launcher, systray etc.). Shade of Z is based on Papirus icon theme. Do also...
16 core icon-theme linux lite pro unix zorin
Jan 24 2022


Full Icon Themes by brk95
Its included: Apps updated Ultra-Flat (Blue) Ultra-Flat-Green Ultra-Flat-Numix Ultra-Flat-Orange Ultra-Flat-Orange-Brigth Ultra-Flat-Red Ultra-Flat-Red-Brigth Ultra-Flat-Red-Dark
icon-theme linux pardus unix
Nov 24 2019