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Full Icon Themes by hendra
, it become poor caused by missing many icons since it bases to Gnome. Pop_Green try for fill some
green mint popos beatiful modern linux unix icon-theme
May 24 2021

light_salad green desktop theme

GTK3/4 Themes by leaf-watoru
This is a GTK2/GTK3 theme that creates really green colored environment. That includes: • Green
xfce xfce4 green evergreen xubuntu linux unix theme gnome
Aug 31 2020

Materia Manjaro Dark

Full Icon Themes by freefreeno
[color=#00c599] Icons built for the Materia Manjaro Dark KDE Plasma theme but you can use them in whatever desktop you wish[/color] There is also a new full Breeze based icon set to match this theme The new full icon set based on the Breeze icons that will match either the normal Materia...
green kdeplasma kde plasma flat linux unix icon-theme
May 20 2020

Futurist - Hackerist xfwm theme

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by nestort
with bright green color. This version does not use GTK colors. I'll see if I can make a version that uses
xfwm4 hacker futuristic green cyan linux unix theme
Aug 24 2019