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Material-Solarized [new color animations this update]

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
A GTK, xfwm4, openbox-3, GNOME-Shell, and Cinnamon- Dark Mode Theme - Based on the Official Color Palette Created by Ethan Schoonover. At last, a Solarized desktop theme is available with general appeal. Introducing Material Solarized. This Solarized Material desktop scheme adheres to both...
dark solarized material linux unix theme gnome icons cursors
Nov 27 2023

Ultimate-Punk-Complete-Desktop [totally rebuilt]

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
. For Cursors: 1) Same as with the icons, extract the "tar.xz" files into your "~/.icons/" folder - to install
cursors dark icons material punk
Oct 24 2020

Material-Solarized Matching-Icons-VarietyPack

Full Icon Themes by rtl88
color hues. Matching Solarized-Colors-Animated-Cursors also included. The Suru-grounded icon set
cursors dark desktop icon-theme linux material solarized unix
Feb 26 2020

Solarized-Dark Complete Desktop [all new this update]

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
Tool or an equivalent app to enable them for your desktop. For Cursors: 1) Same as with the icons
cursors dark gnome gtk3 icons linux theme unix
Dec 13 2019