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I make a few sounds / quotes with a GLaDOS voice (GLaDOS is an AI very funny from portal game).
The aim was to make a few scrits in /bin to talk to GLaDOS from the terminal.
For example, a script called \\\\\\\"can\\\\\\\" use mplayer to play one of my sound;

You write \\\\\\\"can you help me?\\\\\\\"

and the robotic voice answer:

I let you discover jokes I made in this pack!
(example: \\\\\\\"I don\\\\\\\'t like errors. I don\\\\\\\'t like you neither, monster\\\\\\\", or \\\\\\\"Do this again, I kill you!\\\\\\\")


NB: I don\\\\\\\'t put all I do here, I will put other stuff if there are comments here ;) It is the same for updates etc, I do this for free, but only if people give me a few seconds of their time :p
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