Industrial Black&White + openbox 1.0

GTK2 Themes by xw0rks
Black&White openbox theme and Industrial theme for GTK-2.0 Copy(Move) extracted folders to /usr/share/themes/ I use AnyColorYouLike icon theme. add icon pack name to ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file by adding this line: gtk-icon-theme-name = "ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.9.4" or other icon pack theme you want to.
Score 50.0%
Aug 28 2015
Score 40.0%
Jul 20 2015

Geek Conky - GNOME 1.0

GTK2 Themes by Add3r
Just rename: to conky.conf and copy to /etc/conky or to conkyrc and copy to ~/ Temp Code: nano .scripts/temp.sh #!/bin/bash hddtemp /dev/sda | cut -d: -f 3 IP Code: nano .scripts/ip.sh #!/bin/bash wget http://ipecho.net/plain -O - -q
Score 58.0%
Jun 28 2015

Mint-X-Fixed (dark menu)

GTK2 Themes by Cyr4x
Mint-X-Fixed theme based on the original Linux Mint theme. Added features: - Dark menubar to match Shiki-Colors-Metacity theme. - Totally unified look of GTK 3.x, GTK 2.x, and new Gnome client-side borders (as far as possible). - Theme mostly uses Murrine engine for GTK 2.x. Check also fixed...
Score 68.0%
Jun 16 2015

Mac OS X Leopard improved 1.0

GTK2 Themes by nahuinlla101131
borders and controls leopard mac ox, to 4.10 and 4.12 xfce *********VIEW DEMO IMPORTANT!************ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB0nVTDM1k8&feature=youtu.be Description: -------------------- Installation guide : GTK2 Theme Unpack the downloaded file. tar zxf...
Score 65.6%
Jun 15 2015

Mint-X-Mod (Cinnamon+GTK+Metacity) 1.1

GTK2 Themes by dirn
Dark version of Mint-X - GTK3 and GTK2 codes were mod version of Mint-X theme from Qiana. - Cinnamon code was a mod version of Linux Mint Cinnamon theme from Qiana. Credit goes to original authors. Tested on: - Linux Mint 17.1 (Cinnamon) - Linux Mint 17 (Cinnamon) - Linux Mint 17 (Mate) - Linux...
Score 76.7%
Jun 14 2015

Zen suite GTK2/3 0.16.0

GTK2 Themes by cedl38
The main goal of this theme is to keep it simple, consistent and being visually appealing.news: Update for gtk-3.14 and gtk-3.16Features - thin menubar and toolbar - includes both gtk2 and gtk3 themes - compatibility with Xfce widgets, Xfce notify theme - eight pre-configured color schemes :...
Score 79.7%
Jun 06 2015

Color UI 1.5.1 RPF 2 Build 19

GTK2 Themes by CustomArtDesigner
Color UI was also posted on DeviantArt, and you can get to the Color UI DeviantArt posting at the following the link below!Link to DeviantArt Color UI Page: • http://customartdesigner.deviantart.com/art/Color-UI-513813330 Color UI was made with maximum usability in mind, from the window...
Score 75.7%
May 27 2015

atom theme .2

GTK2 Themes by jonnydover
Colors inspired by Atom, the cool text editor from GitHub (no affiliation) and more particularly the One Dark theme. No real work done on the titlebars as this is intended for a tiling wm that doesn't use them. Big ups to Greybird and Almendra Black available at ...
Score 70.0%
May 22 2015

Greybird-Mod 0.1

GTK2 Themes by beancounter
slight modifications to the standard Greybird theme from xubuntu 15.04 - scrollbar with steppers - menubar gradient - listview/treeview headers grey and some more small changes... needs gtk 3.14
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Score 62.5%
Apr 29 2015