Blue Ambiance Theme

GTK2 Themes by braggralph
The Blue Ambiance Theme is a modified version of the default Ubuntu 15.04 Ambiance Theme. As far as I am aware this is the first and only known to be working colored theme for Ubuntu 15.04. And as the title suggests the progress bar, highlights, folders, and open and close buttons have all been...
Score 65.6%
Apr 23 2015

Pluto-gtk2 + gtk3 v0.2 0.6

GTK2 Themes by blue-dxca93
Did spent some time working on this theme so i think you can indeed wait 5 sec before downloading or catch the download link as desribed in 2nd comment. Can be distributed without changes and link to this site. Usage for commercial and private is completely free!Like all other themes...
Score 66.7%
Apr 04 2015

Grainsboro 2.3 GTK2+GTK3 Preview 1

GTK2 Themes by Polesz
Represented Grainsboro theme. New GTK3 theme added. GTK2: Murrina engine required. Tested on Slackware 14.1/current - GTK 2.24.20 - GTK 3.8.3
Score 67.1%
Apr 02 2015

SlicknesS-amber 0.5

GTK2 Themes by subliminal
Based on theme SlicknesS.
Score 58.0%
Feb 22 2015

SlicknesS-emerald 0.5

GTK2 Themes by subliminal
Based on theme SlicknesS.
Score 50.0%
Feb 22 2015

SlicknesS-ruby 0.5

GTK2 Themes by subliminal
Based on theme SlicknesS.
1 comment
Score 50.0%
Feb 18 2015

Classic Platinum Streamlined 2.0

GTK2 Themes by libertyernie
A modified version of the Mac Classic Platinum theme: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Mac+Classic+Platinum?content=144719 Changes: [li]All font overrides in the theme removed - the font can be configured separately (I just use 9pt DejaVu Sans)[/li] [li]Toolbar buttons set to be flat (no...
Score 65.6%
Feb 15 2015

Tropicali for gtk2

GTK2 Themes by yellowfan
Hi, ad.fly blocking possible. If you like rate it up. If the dowenlaod rate is high i`ll add full gtk3 support. Thats not finished currently. But gtk2 is finished, so i tought, better to share it now. Original theme available on wincustomize.com under the same name. If you like it very much...
1 comment
Score 58.9%
Feb 15 2015

StormDropsBlack (+Dorian theme) 1.0

GTK2 Themes by brokenhat12
This is only xfwm4 (window manager) theme remaked from StormDrops, with black frame. Looks best with dorian theme 3.10 by hellokitten packaged inside
Score 50.0%
Feb 15 2015

Win2-7(Pixmap) 2.1

GTK2 Themes by juandejesuss
This theme is inspired on my gtk theme Win2-7 but without any gtk-engine, totally using bitmaps and more like 7, just started tonight any comments to improve this work are welcome :) Same recomendation - use the "Panel_Win2-7.png" as your panel image background located in /gtk-2.0/Panel...
Score 59.5%
Feb 15 2015