Cursors by jmariani
Original author: MindlessPuppetHomepage: http://users.wincustomize.com/162915/Source: http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=13&libid=25All rights reserved by the respective owners.
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Dec 30 2007


Cursors by jmariani
Comment from the author: " He recollit la sugerencia den Garoo i aquest es el resultat. I have picked up the suggestion of Garoo and this it is the result."Original author: jalentorn on Thursday, January 17, 2002Homepage: http://users.wincustomize.com/92490/Source:...
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Jan 10 2008

Dark_Adapted 1

Cursors by KevinRJohnson
Based on the black and white Neutral cursor theme by Alexey Nikitine. White filtered to red for use in the observatory to protect dark adaption of the eyes.To install in GNOME simply extract the archive into the ~/.icons folder. Then select it in the Preferences -> Mouse config.
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Jul 25 2006

Rez 1.3

Cursors by jmariani
This is based on Rez for the PS2/DC. Now if only I could make the sound effects... btw, the preview isn't accurate as you can't see it pulse (yea, the cursors pulse). EnjoyOriginal author: SilverboltHomepage: http://users.wincustomize.com/166594/Source:...
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Jan 03 2008

The Neverhood mouse theme

Cursors by valefor
This is an X11 cursor theme inspired from the Neverhood games.There is only one color for now : Pink. But there are the sources to build other color (Orange and Yellow).
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Mar 13 2004


Cursors by jmariani
Original author: Girolamo on Monday, December 31, 2001Homepage: http://users.wincustomize.com/173089/Source: http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=25&libid=25All rights reserved by the respective owners
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Jan 05 2008


Cursors by KuduK
Floral ThemeBy Himangshu http://hcp.wincustomize.com/Floral X11 Mouse themeconverted from Floral.CurXPTheme with sd2xc-2.4.pl and refined with GIMP.Thanks to the GIMP, I have maintained the appearance of 100% original (only if possible), and adjusted the frame to 64x64 (the maximum).
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May 21 2009

FlopCursors 0.1

Cursors by Seli
This is actually not a cursors theme, but a script which will vertically mirror all cursors in sources for a cursors theme, including adjusting the hotspots. I recently noticed somebody asking if there exist any left handed cursor themes, and since the script is a piece of cake, I just did it...
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Oct 06 2004

YellowDot Cursor Slackware 1.0

Cursors by maarizwan
I like the Yellow Dot cursor, and thought it would be a great gift for the slackware users.This cursor set was based on the Red Dot Cursor set by uga:http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=4805In fact, all I did was alter the colours and style a little!You can also install on other systems...
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May 04 2005


Cursors by jmariani
Original author: Girolamo on Saturday, December 29, 2001Homepage: http://users.wincustomize.com/173089/Source: http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=24&libid=25All rights reserved by the respective owners
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Jan 04 2008